Huel staff sit on springy playground toys to do their "work"

I’ve just found out that Huel staff sit on these all day:

They are basically like those playground toys you sit on and bounce and swing around on when you’re like 5 years old.
We all need chairs like this.
Work would be way more fun.

My bro, who sold them all to you @Tim_Huel @Julian @JamesCollier , wants to know if you love them? and if so, can he have an extra awesome deal on his first order please :rofl: and a Huel goodie bag. And a gift for his sister (okay I added that bit :grin:).
I’m trying hard to convert him into a Hueller. I think he would love it. He was pretty excited to remember the awesome company that bought all their staff the best office seats ever!


If this is even slightly true then it hasn’t been revealed to us yet and I am now very excited for what’s in store. If this is a joke then I am going to be so disappointed!

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@Tim_Huel waaaaaaaat?? You didn’t get one? Apparently he sold the chairs to Huel years ago when the company was literally first starting out.
Maybe only Julian got one :frowning:
You need to tell him you all need bouncy chairs!


Maybe James is using it as a hat instead. Someone needs to Photoshop that one. :rofl: