Huel swap shop?

Hi all. I have an unopened bag of original vanilla ordered by accident, which I would love to exchange for a new vanilla. Please PM if interested :slight_smile:

Would be useful say your location.

I am in Worcestershire but would be willing to post.

My taste buds must be half dead, I don’t notice much of a difference. Having said that I rarely have vanilla without an added flavour.

How about adding vanilla flavouring to it when you consume it ?
OR add other food flavourings to vary the taste …
Salted caramel, toffee and lemon are among my favourites !!

You could buy MyProtein toffee flavour drops (imo New Vanilla=Original + toffee), it’s amazing!

I have ordered the toffee drops, so hopefully will help. Thanks everyone.

I second the toffee flavdrops - fantastic stuff and it lasts a long time too so it’s very cheap.