Huel to India

Hello Huel,
I am Yogesh Chaudhari.

I had ordered from Huel on 3 different occasions and all of them are stuck at Indian Customs detained by FSSAI (food regulatory authority). Since I had ordered 23 bags, they thought it is for commerical redistribution.
I cannot obtain a food import license as I have no business entity tied to my name.

I contacted someone named Phoebe from Huel and have been in contact with FedEx. FedEx has said to contact Huel to obtain a shippers letter for return of shipment and their account number for billing. Phoebe hasn’t replied yet.

What can I do in this situation? Packages value is about 85000 INR alongwith the exorbitant shipping rates.

Thank You,
Yogesh Chaudhari

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