Disappointed first time with Huel support :(


Apparently when sending out the package, they combined the prices for the delivery(that costs more than the goods in my case) with the price of the goods itself, and therefore my package was now stopped in the customs and they are asking for import taxes, since the overall price is behind our import free tax limit.
Obviously, if the delivery cost were stated in the invoice, all this could have been avoid.

For my case, this will result in at least couple of days delay + additional costs (arund 20-30$) that were completely unnecessary if things were properly documented first place. Now customs are asking for updated invoice + formal letter from Huel why they are combing the price of goods and delivery together…

I’m writing here the number of the ticket 145284 in case someone from support see it here, since they were slow to respond to tickets lately.

People from support don’t really spend much time on here. That being said @Tim_Huel might be able to help.

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Well, I hope that someone from Huels team could see it and checkup with the support team, but I guess tagging @Tim_Huel wouldn’t hurt.

He’s probably on holiday.


Seen your tags. Thanks for the message. If you’ve emailed then the team will get back to you ASAP. I’ve asked them separately too.

My two cent here is that is sounds like you’re combining delivery costs (the amount it costs the courier to send Huel to your country) and the import taxes (value-added tax, purchase tax and import duties, depending on the value and nature of the goods). The former we absolutely charge at the point of checkout and give you full visibility on.

The latter is not the same as delivery and to charge you at check out would require our fulfilment teams to know how to do the paperwork for every country we sell to. It’s fairly standard to do this through customs as many Brits will know when ordering goods from the USA.

I’m sure there are solutions to this, I don’t know the pros and cons of them so can’t really comment on it. I appreciate it’s not a great experience to have to wait an extra few days for your product and pay for taxes separately.

Not exactly the case @Tim_Huel

We have customs free import until roughly 50~ GBP , that’s why when I make an order, I always try to keep the costs of the -goods- well below that price, as the delivery costs are excluded from the tax calculations in our customs.

In my last shipment , the DHL package stated that the total costs of the goods is 77 GBP which is actually the price of the goods and the delivery combined ! which is simply not true because the shipment is 40 GBP .

They should have stated that the total costs of goods is 37 GBP, as this is the real goods price, then I would have avoided any import taxes, delays and handling costs.

Now customs / DHL want official letter from huel that the total 77 GBP actually contains the shipping pricing in it + new invoice with the right pricing, otherwise they won’t release it (unless i’ll pay additional taxes for higher costs goods that I shouldn’t)

New invoice should contain:

Goods : 37 GBP
Delivery : 44 GBP

(I saw it was like that in older orders confirmations I had but not in the last order)

P.S - still no word from the support team :frowning: every day that will pass will add additional costs for me of handling / storage. Even after Huel will supply the documents I asked for.

Thanks Sharon, I’ll pass that on.


There is still no response from support and each day would result in higher storage costs in the customs. I’m going to pay the import taxes, handling and storage , as we’re entering the weekend already and would just drag and stretch things.

The costs of all the extra mess is around 48$ (unnecessary import taxes, handling , storage), I have opened a dispute with paypal (my payment method ), please just make sure your team refund that amount, it would be the fastest and easiest solution, considering the situation.

We received your email on Tuesday and replied on Wednesday. We have now bumped you up the queue and are responding to your 2nd response now.

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