Charged 35GBP in Customs Duty

So I ordered 2 packs of Huel, which cost me 50GBP and then 28GBP for International shipping and then now they want me to pay 35GBP as customs duty. This is exhorbitant. I reached out to Huel in Instagram and Twitter they said no problems with customs but never told me about the custom duty. The problem here is Huel should have told me about this when they didnt. Its not about whether I can pay or not the point is that nothing is worth 100GBP. I’m fcukin pissed

What country do you live in? you mentioned GBP so i assumed uk but you don’t pay customs duty if your purchasing within the uk.

Either way it is not the companys job to inform you about duty that needs to be payed on a product. if i order from another economic area (i.e outside the eu) i add an extra 20% on top of what i paid to account for what i will need to pay in duty.


Customs duties and their application vary wildly in amount and frequency around the world. My duty changes every month depending on the direction of the wind – sometimes it’s nothing – sometimes its 100%, even though duty here on food products is supposed to be set at normal sales tax levels.

It’s a bit of a stretch to expect Huel or any vendor to be aware of what will be charged at every point of entry by whatever customs officer is on duty that day.

It’s frustrating for sure but customs officers are not exactly renowned for either their consistency or honesty. For example – I recently ordered two boxes of bars and the duty was 19RM. My next order was 4 boxes of bars and 3 boxes of flavour samples and the duty jumped to 370RM. Go figure.

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We do apologise for the unexpected cost here.

Unfortuntely we aren’t able to offer an estimate for customs duty, as @Phil_C said this changes frequently and aren’t given a heads up to what this price could be.

Ordering in the UK shouldn’t result in any custom fee’s at all, however depending on where you are getting the order sent to, this can vary.

If there is anything else we can help with at all, please do let us know.


Nice calculator but I would advise caution as its only as good as the most recent variables in the background which don’t account for the vagaries of customs officers. I put in my last order in the calculator and it came out with this:

Duty: 112.53 MYR (Rate of 20 %)
VAT: 40.51 MYR (Rate of 6 %)
Total: 153.04 MYR
(including freight charges)

What I actually got charged on delivery was 370MYR (£70)


This has nothing to do with you. Kind of understand what a privileged person I am to order two packs of powder for Indian Rupess.10,000 (100 GBP). Thanks for it. I’m still waiting for my product to be delivered fedex

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This is an open forum, anyone can reply to any topic - if you want a private conversation I would recommend emailing someone. In this instance, Charlotte works for Huel’s customer experience team, so if this has anything to do with anyone it’s her.


Your name is OfficialHuel and Charlotte’s is only Huel. And you have a “staff” marker, and she doesn’t. So it looks like you’re the real deal and she’s merely a Huel fangirl. But you both have the Tiny Shield of Truth so :man_shrugging:

Give Charlotte the “staff” marker! Justice for Charlotte!


Just went to change it and remember why it isn’t - character limit on username. I will work out how to amend.



swift justice is doled out!

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  3. I AM THE LAW.

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OK - i’ll bite - its either that or do some actual work :slight_smile:


Not sure whats the purpose of this response, are you trying to flout your entitlement of working in Huel, which I dont give a damn about.

“This has nothing to do with you. Kind of understand what a privileged person I am to order two packs of powder for Indian Rupess.10,000 (100 GBP). Thanks for it. I’m still waiting for my product to be delivered fedex” - Not even sure if you understand what I was trying to say here. I was blaming myself for spending 100GBP, so you can take your Tedtalk somewhere else

In India, I was just upset about the fact that I had to spend 35GBP in customs, I had reached out to Huel via Twitter to ask about customs, and all they could have done is tell me that local custom duty might apply and didnt need them to tell me the exact amount. I order from MyProtein and I dont pay anything in Customs, but now I kind of understand that they have local stock in India and ship locally. So thats the reason I posted my second comment about, “this has nothing to do with you…” But it turns out that people ended up to take this as an opportunity to show their chivalry. May be some recommendations out to go to the queen for knighthood…

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Cheer up mate.

Hey @Guppy OK well it seems like I have misinterpreted your comment.

In this context it sounds like you are saying to Hueligans here replying to you that this is none of their business and therefore they shouldn’t be replying to you. Which is clearly quite rude.

But it seems you were coming to the realisation that we don’t ship from India and can’t control customs fees, I’m sorry I misinterpreted, it seems a few others did too.

Have you had any progress receiving your parcel yet?

Also @Phil_C, what on earth are you doing?! I can’t say I’ve watched either films or series, I’m more of a Batman sort of guy, although I did have a Robocop toy when I was a kid, otherwise this would have presumably a lifelong dream to wear the suit! Very good edits though, certainly made me giggle this morning.

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Uh oh…watch this space…