It's about time to allow shipping to Norway

Dear Huel,

In a forum post from 2017 (Huel Delivery to Norway), you write that shipping to Norway is no longer an option due to customs fees and package rejection. I am writing this forum post here to respectfully request that you reconsider this policy.

At the moment, I have to ship Huel through a contact in Denmark. Therefore, I have to pay shipping twice plus that it’s a pain for the person in Denmark to forward it. Not viable in the long term.

Shipping to Norway is expensive due to fees, Norwegians know this. I have, however, never had a shipment rejected. As long as the shipment is marked with a description, ingredients list and the Common Commodity Code that corresponds to the product type ( 21.06.9098 ), it shouldn’t be rejected.

Of course, customers should be made aware of how expensive it is. The import fee for the Commodity Code listed above is about 32NOK per kg. This is in addition to VAT of 15% and whatever handling fee the Postal Service or shipping company chooses to charge. I at least am willing to pay that extra for it as there just isn’t a good alternative domestically.

Thanks in advance,

A Huel customer who wishes to continue using Huel.


Hey @torsu! thanks so much for taking the time to suggest this.

Some context is that any food imported to Norway must comply with Norwegian food regulations and must be registered with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA). We may already hit these criteria but we haven’t pursued proving and formalising that, Norway isn’t currently in our plans and we haven’t looked into this further that much since those messages.

However, it means so much to us that you like Huel enough to order through Denmark. Clearly we’re missing out on an awesome group of Nowegian Hueligans currently doing border runs (I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean!)

As I said, it’s not currently in our plans, but plans can change and I’ll be sure to give this a +1 within the team! Thank you again for being part of the Hueligan community!