Delivery to norway

Hi, i was just wondering if the delivery had changed since last, saw a post from 2020, and was hoping for some good news.

Regards someone that wishes to be a hueligan.


Feel like this post needs a bump.

Sincerely another Norwegian who wants to try Huel

i sent in a ticket, and from what i remember them telling me is that there was no plans to send to norway, and some of the issues i think was food customs. i find it strange with all the other unhealthy stuff we get…

Well another post here said that they may meet the criteria to get Huel to Norway, just that they haven’t looked into it. But that post is 1,5 years old now. Norway can be a bit strange when it comes to customs and stuff like that especially regarding food items

yea thats true…seen some weird things for sale here thats not healthy :stuck_out_tongue:

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