Delivery to Finland?

I did my first non-sample order 06.02.2017 but haven’t heard anything back since the original order confirmation. Is there any guesstimate as to how long it might take? Is 20 days or more to be expected? Is there really no tracking available?

The company handling the deliveries here in here in Finland doing the actual deliveries is notoriously bad, but I’m famished…

I’ll look into this for you now and drop you a private message once I have more information.

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Update: Zoe from Huel has been extremely helpful and efficient in handling my case. I just received a call from the Finnish distributor and they told me that I should have received a package tracking number and used that to track the package myself. They will give not give advance notice of delivery. Also they will not leave a note if they attempt delivery. It’s up to me to track the package online and go pick it up from their office after the first delivery attempt, but before they return it.

I went through my emails and found no tracking number (maybe I missed it during the ordering phase?), but other than that it’s quite clear that Huel is not to blame for the way the delivery company operates. My work will never allow me to wait home for a whole weekday let alone many days (and training my cats to receive parcels for me has not yielded success) - so it looks like I have some biking trips and guesswork to do for my Huel.