DPD oh the pain


I live in Finland and I have had multiple problems with the delivery of Huel and also other companies that also use DPD as a delivery service. They don’t give any time slot for the delivery. They don’t call you at all when they are doing the delivery and most recently they returned my order back to their warehouse because “Access code required for consignee address” although the apartment building has an intercom entry system. The last order I had from Huel got returned back to the logistics center 3 times before it was succesfully delivered and that was after I called the parcel service handling the delivery in Finland (Postnord).

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issues in different countries? As of now I am quite prone to stop ordering from any company that uses DPD as the frustration is really getting to me. Any change to get different delivery options for us ordering outside of UK?

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I’m sorry you haven’t had a good time with DPD in Finland. Is there a courier service you would prefer that is generally better?


Generally I have had better experience with DHL and UPS.

I’ve looked into the costs for them, and they’re basically double the cost for us. We don’t make any money on shipping (in fact we subsidise it), so whilst we can switch to DHL/UPS, it’s just going to cost a lot more I’m sorry to say.

Alright cheers for the answer. Have you considered delivering from Germany to other European countries?

I’ve never had a problem, in the UK, with DPD. They always deliver on time and have good technology at their fingertips. Maybe it’s unique to Finland, which is disappointing.

I think the problem is on the Finnish side yes. In Finland they hand over the final delivery to Postnord which seems to be the problem. I have also sent Postnord a feedback about their services but never got any replies.

It does seem to be. We have looked into alternatives, but they seem to be more expensive and/or not as good of a service so it’s difficult finding the balance, especially when we don’t live in Finland!

Yeah I understand. I will just keep ordering to my workplace where they can leave it to the front desk. Thanks for the help.