Please provide different shipping options!

Postnord, operator for DPD in Finland, is really bad! Can we please finally get an option to ship via regular post/mail or any similar option?

Long version:
Postnord delivers at a random time between 8:00 - 16:00. I work from ~8:30 to ~17:30 at a tiny office, no reception desk, often nobody at the office or everyone in meetings unable to receive parcels. We just don’t get parcels at the office ever. So I am not there to pick up the parcel and they take it to their transit hub. The hub is 20 minutes one way by bike and the parcel is rather large. Also the hub is open weekdays 08:00 - 15:00. This forces me to a very narrow window for a morning bike ride to get my Huel.

In the winter or when it’s raining this outright sucks. I have ordered many things online and every other service has offered a default or a selection of a store/package handler near me where I can pick up said package by foot in 5-10 minutes – why doesn’t Huel?

I complained about this a long time ago already. It’s annoying me again now that winter is coming and I am more busy at work than usual.

Have you considered ordering directly to your home? Postnord sends a text message for a delivery slot for domestic deliveries.

Source: I am Finnish too :{

Also my last delivery was shipped via UPS not DPD.

Well, home delivery is what I am complaining about. I do get the SMS and the message I get says please select which day: tue/wed/thu but there never is a set time. I’ve called them on a few occasions and they simply cannot give any estimate as to what time can they deliver.

Hey Joel, really sorry about the delivery woes to Finland, I’ll be sure to pass them along.

I’m confused by this, are you saying that other companies you order from give you a selection of different couriers at check out and you can select which one you want to fulfil your order? I.e. “Thanks for placing your order, who do you want to deliver your package? DHL, UPS, PostNord, etc.”?

Post Nord seem to be decent depending on the area. We’re looking on improving fulfilment to these areas and once we do we can look at designating carrier by postcode, but right now, switching will result in much higher costs.

These days in the UK a lot of companies are using drop off locations…where the consumer can go and collect their parcels…it seems like a good idea…but the downside is they are very restrictive…probably won’t accept massive parcels the size of Huel, and some don’t allow food or liquids either. I am sure in a few years the infrastructure will be better. we have a lot of hassle with couriers and Royal Mail here…DPD are fine but they deliver to me a lot. Hermes I used to hate, but to give them credit they have got much better. APC are really hit and miss. Our regular driver doesn’t do the route very often any more and the one we get are often really bad. UPS are reasonable. Those are the main companies I deal with. DHL very occasionally.

Rather during the checkout phase they ask “please select shipping option A) Royal mail B) DHL C) DHL express D) Carrier pigeon” and each of those have different price points we can choose from. The ones that don’t ask usually send via “the” mail (government backed postal service) which works very well.

Home delivery is just really bad. I believe that UPS as well offers weekday only delivery and can’t give a time estimate. I can practically never be home for a full weekday.

I love these drop-off locations, those are ideal and that is what everything I order (sans Huel) eventually uses. The DPD/DHL/Matkahuolto transit hub is just away, drop off locations are close. I have ordered computers, clothing, 28" and 27" monitors, alcohol etc to these drop off points and never had any issues. My closest one is a shop that is open 7-23 every day, including weekends!

Oh and for context: I live in a remoteish town with 75k inhabitants - Joensuu, Finland, area code 80110. Public transport is pretty much non-existent and I only get around by bicycle.

Oh, in Helsinki they provide a time slot but that sucks if they expect you to be home for the whole day.

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