Huel v3.1 for those who eat it 100%

exactly that - its up there with how long is a piece of string.

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and yet a legal definition exists for pet food. :thinking:

dogs can’t litigate against you :grinning:


oh if only… :rofl:

Without this downgrade it would have been necessary to increase the price. So the downgrade means that you save money. You can spend this money on supplements. And you get almost every micronutrient, antioxidant or “superfood powder” on for example amazon.
What I find much more troubling is the flavour change…

After relocation-forced break I ordered (as usual) 8 bags, and while I am not expert enough to chip in on nutritional changes, I need to say I am very disappointed by the changes to flavors. Not that the taste was perfect, but it was fairly ‘neutral’, i.e., even if you did not enjoy it 100%, it was not bothering you too much.

The new version taste like a combination of caugh syrop and warm, de-carbonated Coca Cola Light.
As-is, it is not palatable.

Before commiting to Huel, I tried some other brands, and the key edge was always the lack of this strong artificial sweetener aftertaste, even though it was often way more expensive (i.e., vs MyProtein Whole Fuel, and several other more ‘gym-oriented’ brands).

I am seriously considering stopping Huel altogether (for reference, I used to be ~50% Huel for quite some time, having consumed some ~100 bags already)

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