Huel version 2.0 is now live!

Same here, and I even think it tastes much better than 1.2! Like…really good!

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I can’t really notice any difference, overnight in fridge with added blueberries. Quite like the red bits though !!

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It is actually a lot saltier and that makes it less porridge-like. It is not outright salty though, only in comparison to v1.2
I have not noticed any drastic changes otherwise nor does mine have any red bits as @Dave_Heord mentions :open_mouth:
I’m very happy with the new packaging, but that is the only good thing so far :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still waiting for an explanation on why would fluoride have to be in Huel and if it is added specifically or if it is coming with something else. The fluoride content along with the large amount of salt makes it unsuitable for relying on Huel for 100% of your meals in my opinion (unless you are OK with health problems on the long run).

I can’t offer any opinion as I have not had any V2.0 yet, I have 12 plus bags of V1.2 still currently. However, unless it is changed between now and when I run out, I probably will not be changing to V2.0.
I do not think I have read any positive feeling towards it whilst lurking on these forums.


Fluoride in Huel is added as a separate ingredient - Sodium Fluoride. You can see this on the nutrition webpage or on the label on packaging.

I do like the red bits too! It’s like I can see the nutrition as well as taste it.

@zoltan The reasoning from Julian is on a different thread - Do you want Sodium Fluoride to be added to Huel? (poll inside)

Update on the Vitamin B12 issue:

I discussed this with my doctor and was referred to a university researcher. I am no longer worried about Huel containing only methylcobalamin as source of vitamin B12 - it will not lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Methylcobalamin is indeed superior to the previously used cyanocobalamin - I commend Huel for making this change.

Regarding the salt content:

My doctor is worried about the amount of salt in Huel 2.0, when consumed at 2000kcal/day or higher and advised me to avoid consuming Huel 100%.

Regarding the fluoride content:

My country does not fluoridate water, hence the doctors I talked to did not know much about this issue/controversy (and neither did I previously). The doctors looked at it a bit weird, thinking it probably should not be in food.

My dentist outright said that I should use a fluoridated toothpaste, but not ingest any additional fluoride because it provides no benefits once ingested.


@RDW (just in case you’re not already)…if you put the water in first, then the Huel on top, the Huel spreads throughout the drink, and you don’t get any of the bits at the bottom like you are describing.

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Ingesting fluoride seems like drinking sunscreen to protect from UV radiation. It is purely topical on the teeth and the fluoride can never reach the enamel via the blood stream again, just leaving its toxic effect.

This sounds so clear cut and easy when written out - simplistic. I would just want to know, what is wrong with this picture.


@craigstone - exactly how I make it. I leave it to stand for at least 8 hours which means it settles. The new formula is much easier to remix than the old one but it contains grains or something that just doesn’t soften. There is always a gritty consistency. Old formula, eventually even the seedy bits became at least chewy. There is also a drop in the level of taste in the new formula. Not a bad taste but just less of it. I continue to consume three times a day, with a little less pleasure than before.

Who knows in the future they might also get someone in to work on the “taste” side of the equation. It must be possible to tune it and still remain true to the philosophy of Huel - maybe not :slight_smile:

Hmm…Interesting, cheers RDW! I haven’t noticed any taste change from the earlier version to version 2.0. I add agave honey to mine, and that works a treat. Oddly, I hadn’t even noticed the salt increase until I read this website yesterday, and then I had a Huel and thought it had a salty aftertaste! Ha, but this might just be the power of suggestion. Taste-wise, I’m OK with it, because I’m in it more for the health…and the flavour changes with what we choose to add (strawberries and agave is nice).

I think the Huel team should be thanked for creating a great product, and for being so open and answering questions, but I share the concern with others that Flouride seems an unnecessary addition (even in small doses) and well, more salt than the RDA just seems a bit pointless, because it goes against the brand slogan. Huel is a business, it has to make a profit, and I get that. I wonder if the salt has been added to preserve elements of the product for longer - which, again, is only standard practice with many manufacturers, so no big deal…but I’m looking forward to the response, once they’ve had a bit of time to think over their plan. I think what will likely happen is they will tweak the salt content for the next version in response to what the people on the board are saying - they seem like good people who want to make a profit from offering a great product, so reckon they will. The only question is how much version 2.0 have they got, because it might be a while! :slight_smile:

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I have it on a good source that Huel 2.0 will be with us for at least 10 more months, since that is the length of the contract Huel has made with its suppliers of salt and sodium fluoride. Huel is a business and changing these components would come at a considerable loss of money, so it is not happening.

This makes it even more sad that Huel team did not ask the community for opinions regarding 6.4g salt content, addition of fluoride, and other changes before making such binding contracts with its suppliers.

Apparently, the only case in which they would change Huel sooner (at a monetary loss, though they are slightly protected in their contract) would be if medical feedback started coming to Huel saying that it is causing health issues.


Well, that’s me not buying any more for the next year. I have 7 bags, and once they are gone, that’s it. They really should have asked consumers if they wanted this, not just did it and kinda left some of us unable to use an otherwise awesome product. It’s a damn shame.


Hmm…if that is the case, then bugger. lol.

There must be some logic in adding more salt - is more salt tailored to gym bunnies, eg if I start working out daily, the extra salt is a good thing, right? So I either get off my arse and exercise, or switch from Huel for a year to avoid potential salt complications. Hmm…I’ll keep watching the thread with interest and wait to see if any more information appears before making any final decisions. Thanks T!

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I would rather wait for someone from the official Huel team to give us information regarding if and when it would be possible to make changes to the Huel formula. No offense, but @thipochuso has only one post on these forums… If true, however, then those are some very sad news :frowning:

The problem with that is that if you’re working out daily or going to gyms, then you’re gonna need more than the 2000kcal which provide 6.4g of salt, so you’re gonna ingest even more salt than 6.4g/day if you’re a gym bunny.

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@craigstone I Had an off-line convo with the main man and both the salt and the fluoride were added to ensure that you get 100% of your RDA from a Huel only diet. So from that perspective it makes sense. I’m pretty much 100% Huel for 5/7 days a week, partial at the weekend but due to dieting I’m also taking a multi-vit (as I’m only getting around 1300 Cals/Day). When I reach my target weight I intend to go 2/3rds Huel the whole week to see if I can have a sensible mean for the remaining third…

haha! Well, it seems like quite the humungous pickle. I totally love Huel, but worried like others about the salt content. My major life paranoia (apart from heights, wasps and groups of two or more cats in one location) is having a massive heart attack, so salt is something I never add to anything. Agree with what you say Rike, I’ll follow the thread and read with interest posts from Huel staff before making any final decision. More info is needed.

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OK, thanks for the info RDW. I’m sure they were added with good intention, I think it’s just alarming when you read that it’s more than the RDA. But if Huel was the A Team, I’d be the van. So don’t listen to me. I’ll lurk in the shadows reading the data from the clever people, and just copy what the smartest person does. Hey, it worked for my *GCSE’S!

*it didn’t.


This is not true in the slightest. We have no contract with any suppliers of salt or sodium.


My water supply is fluoridated (good old Northumbrian Water) so unless I spit the tap water back out (or purchase separate non-fluoridated water) I’m ingesting it.

Does your area add fluoride to water?

Filtering in general does not remove fluoride.

Additionally I’m reading articles that suggest sports drinks, beers, wines, processed drinks, processed foods are all sources of fluoride ingestion.

Also teflon / non-stick coated pans should be avoided and stainless steel used instead.

Whilst personally I’m not exactly bathing in it, but for the past near 49 years I’ve been ingesting it probably every day, exceeding suggested levels but have lovely teeth to show for it, I cannot really avoid it in one form or another.

That given I have decided that I will not be avoiding Huel V2.0 either.