Huel vs Shakeology


I drink Shakeology every morning as part of my training. Works really well for me mixed with milk and some fruit. My issue with Shakeology is that it is expensive (I have to order it direct from USA with heavy postage).

I am tempted by Huel but was wondering what (if any) the main differences are. (apart from price - Huel seems much cheaper).

Thanks Steve

They are quite different products.

Huel is meant to be a full balanced meal, perfectly healthy to subsist on. The energy in huel is split into almost even thirds of fat, protein and carbs. There is roughly 100% of the recommended dose of each nutrient and no more.

Looking at the ingredients shakology is meant to give you dense nutrients, and some protein. It’s great if those are the things you want, but you would die if you tried to live off it. It has almost no fat, your body needs fats from somewhere. Also, per 150kcal it has about 1/3 of your recommended nutrient intake. So even if you only require 1500kcal per day (small inactive person requirements) you would eat about 330% of lots of nutrients. The poison is in the dose, and some of these nutrients would do you harm at 330%.

TLDR; they have different uses, not interchangeable.

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My take on Shakeology is that it is more of a sports nutrition product whereas huel seems to be meant to cover all bases in terms of nutrition. I could be totally wrong but that’s my assumption since it’s promoted by beachbody

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Hi there,

Thank you for the post, I think these two have hit the nail on the head. Shakeology appears to be about calorie control and weight loss, to this end it restricts the fat intake massively and increases the protein.

Here is a table I just knocked up comparing the nutrition in Huel per 100g of each product:

If someone wants to help me out with the IU conversion to micro- and milligrams I can do the micronutrients too, if anyone was interested.

Highlights from the macronutrients has to the be the sugar content, 20%. I understand the portion sizes of Huel and Shakeology are different, but I always am baffled by products claiming to be healthy when their sugar content is so high.

I hope this was helpful. If your goal is weight loss Huel can help you with that too, there is a whole section on this forum and an article on If healthy snacking is your goal, I believe the table above proves Huel is a far superior product.


@TimOfficeHuel - if the Shakeology values in your per 100g table are correct, then the calories don’t work out. Fat + carb + fibre + protein = 411 calories / 100g

For IU to metric conversion use

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There is a possibility I’ve made an error on my maths but let’s double check. Values taken from here -

35g = 1 serving of Shakeology
1 serving = 130 kcal

Therefore 1 g = 3.7 kcal

So what I did was: Value/35 * 100 to find out what the 100g values were.
e.g. Sugars = 7/35 * 100 = 20g

Here is a full table - I implore you to check my calcs if you are interested (@JamesCollier I’m talking to you!)

Shakeology and Huel macro- and micronutrients per 100g
Shakeology and Huel macro- and micronutrients as a percentage of the RI or NRV for Europe - Shakeology is made for the USA so theirs are different but not drastically so on most nutrients.

So you can see that Shakeology is really not the same product as Huel. As they say - "Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition"

I’ve probably wasted enough time now :smiley:

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Thanks everyone … all your comments are really interesting.

I think I could actually use both with what I need for my training so i’m quite excited.

Knowledge is Power!

Again, thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to me. It is appreciated and all answers are very informative.


If you (or anyone else) happen to be interested in comparing the US and EU values, I have a spreadsheet comparing various different recommendations here:

Notably, the column in question for Shakeology is likely the ‘US DV (old)’ column, as whilst the FDA have updated their values, large companies have until July 2018 to update their labels (and small companies have until July 2019). Unless Shakeology have updated early for some reason (and I seriously doubt they have due to the required recipe reformulation), the ‘US DV (old)’ column is correct.