Huel with Diabetes type 2

I am just starting my huel journey , anyone with diabetes have experiences of using huel.?

Hi Robin. Welcome to the forum. If you use the search function, top right, and put in ‘Huel and diabetes’ or similar there is a bit of reading for you there.

I was diagnosed with early Type 2 a month ago. Three months ago, independent of any diabetes warning etc, I had started hueling. So for the last three months, I’ve replaced lunch at work with Huel - and generally been mindful of what I eat for breakfast and dinner.

This morning, my doctor told me my Type 2 had “reversed”, and they would no longer classify me as a diabetic. She said I was back in the regular blood-sugar levels, and the reversal was surprising. She says she sees this sort of a result once-a-year, and I was her once-a-year.

I can’t emphasise enough how much Huel has been core to my journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle! However, for your own use, please keep your doctor closely informed about your dietary changes - as you start Hueling. Be strong and get rid of your Type 2!


Also this recent post: 33 yo male: 3 months, 17 lbs lost, type 2 diabetes reversed!

Great to hear of your reversals.

I’m type two but well controlled with medication. In my experience, Huel (and others too) have no impact on sugar levels. In other words, there is no sugar spike. Which has to be a good thing.

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