33 yo male: 3 months, 17 lbs lost, type 2 diabetes reversed!

So here we go!

Mar 2019: BMI 40.8, 118kg:

I was told 10 months ago (around April-May 2018) that I was pre diabetic. I did not really understand what that meant, and did not care about it. I had been “fat” for a very long time, and did want to lose weight. I think Facebook realised that about me, and thank God for targetted ads - because they kept pushing Huel at me till I relented. Started with the vanilla / original powder.

Apr 2019: BMI 39.9, 114kg:

So wow this was working - strayed off Huel for a week or so, just to check if the weight I’d lost was all water. Turns out it wasnt. I was more mindful about replacing any stray meals where I’d end up eating junk with Huel. Ordered my first ready-to-drink (delicious!). Had a blood test and was told I was type 2 diabetic (50 mg), a retest showed me at 52 mg - so that confirmed the diagnosis. Docs called me back in in 3 weeks to discuss ‘lifestyle’ changes. All this while my Huel + light exercise regime (swimming 1-3 times a week, 30 mins per session) progresses in parallel, and independent to the Diabetes diagnosis.

May 2019: BMI 38, 109.5kg:

Still Hueling for weekday lunches, I also carry a ready-to-drink with me for evenings when I wind up late at work, so I just do the RTD + any other light snack for dinner (usually soaked lentils or some smashed avocado).

This morning, my doctor told me my Type 2 had “reversed”. My numbers were 46 mg (down from 52 three weeks ago), and they would no longer classify me as a diabetic. She said I was back in the regular blood-sugar levels, and the reversal was surprising. She says she sees this sort of a result once-a-year, and I was her once-a-year.

… More notes to come as I (hopefully) lose more weight!

I can’t emphasise enough how much Huel has been core to my journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!

@Julian @JamesCollier @RebeccaOfficialHuel - you’ve created a miracle, and made me realise how inefficient current day “food” is. I can’t thank you guys enough!


Hi @atrip - that’s really great to hear :slight_smile:

Wow @atrip

Congratulations and well done! This is so great to read, and I’m really glad you have reversed your diabetes and got to be the doctor’s once a year!

I hope the rest of your Huel journey goes well and would love further updates in the future :slight_smile:

Well done! That’s great news!

I work in healthcare with patients with diabetes and if it isn’t managed properly it can be disastrous so avoiding it is the best management!! My job examining these patients made me question my lifestyle and where it could possibly lead and hence led me to try Huel.

What I would say to you is to still be careful and manage your diet well. If you have some degree of glucose intolerance/pre-diabetes that gave you abnormal blood tests initially then you can bounce right back into the range and all the complications that come from it!

Happy hueling!

Well done! That’s amazing, wish you all the best for the rest of your Huel journey :smile: