Huel is Amazing for me

I now have my Huel and the bars, I am going to do 2 Huel Drinks, one for breakfast, and one for lunch, and a bar as a snack mid morning…basically, I did an 8 week 800 calorie diet that had been scientifically proven to reverse diabetes, and I lost three stone, and after being diabetic for 7 years have totally reversed it, but like every restricted diet, you cannot really live on 800 calories a day forever, and my hair did start falling out a bit, when it ended, I told myself I will now eat healthy, but very soon a stone has come back on, plus a few pounds, so “Huel to the rescue”, I am looking forward to the control of Huel, and the nutrition of the drinks and bars to get that stone back off, and more, I don’t want to be classed diabetic again after smashing the figures back from Diabetic, Pre Diabetic, now NORMAL…thank you for this site, and the support, look forward to being part of this Forum…Lin


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes…that’s a phenomenal achievement! I hope you find that Huel works out for you; I’m only two weeks in but loving it so far.

Thanks Rosie, I was so over the moon at reversing diabetes, and that is why I never want to have to take all the diabetes meds again, so want to get that stone off and more, I know they say people who lose a large amount of weight put it all back on and more, but this time I want to prove this wrong…I am making my shakes with two scoops, a flavour booster, and 1/2 a tablespoon of chia seeds, I put all that in the nutribullet for about 20 seconds and make two at night for next day…love the flavour and think this is going to really work for me…well done for your two weeks on it, do you have a meal at night too?

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Congrats on reversing diabetes, that’s excellent. Did medical professionals point you in the direction of losing weight/eating healthy or did they want to keep you on meds?

Regarding no putting weight back on, I think you need to stay at your desired weight for some months in order for your body to ‘reset’ itself. I think people tend to lose weight, then go back into their normal eating habits too soon.

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Well done! Did you lower your carbs, as there’s been a lot made about lower carb helping to reduce diabetes, and of course if you developed diabetes as an adult, it’s often weight related, so to lose 3st is amazing!

Thank You ElecroDan. In my opinion, I had the worst medical care since being told I am diabetic, they fast tracked me onto Metformin x 3 Ramipril x 3 Amlodipine x 1 straight away and gave me statins !!! and they wrote the diet on a scrap of paper, and never even told me about Diabetes UK, so had to do all my own research, then a while ago I saw a book by Michael Mosley called The Blood Sugar Diet, and went on 800 calories for 8 weeks eating a Mediterranean diet, and lost the 3 stone, but like you say, you only need to eat like before and the weight was woosh a stone back on, but I have halted that now with HUEL and the bars, so now the only med I take is one ramipril for blood pressure and 1 amlodipine to thin the blood. So I am very happy with that and cannot imagine putting the three stone back on and having to take all those meds again. Lin


Hi FeeRa, thank you, yes I did, I ate carb free, and the Mediterranean diet up to 800 calories, for 8 weeks, the weight dropped of without carbs…Lin


honestly, I’m in awe! when I did atkins in 2005, it took 3 months to lose 4st and I thought that was quick! xx

Hey FeeRa,
800 calories is pretty bleak tho…but I stuck to it to see if it was true, and you could reverse diabetes, and the results were fantastic… just don’t want to let it slip…family couldn’t believe my resolve, but I am an ALL or NOTHING person ha ha.


I was so pleased with the weight loss, I even had compliments from a Professor, and he even said, “it’s ok getting there, it’s staying there that counts”, so I don’t want him to see me with a stone on, because you want people to think, ahh she really meant it this time and has kept the weight off…x


I did 1 3 Scoop shake for 5 days for either breakfast or lunch and then upped it to two shakes per day with a main meal in the evening. I didn’t want to shock my system and building up slower worked for me. There are so many different flavour combinations that I’m in no danger of getting bored anytime soon. I’m back down to 1 a day at the moment but that is just because I’m working away from home and my Huel supply is running low! Longer term I am hoping to do 100% Huel on Work days (12.5 hour days) and then eat a normal diet on days off. Weight loss isn’t my primary goal but it’s a welcome side effect! Keep us posted with how it’s going and good luck!

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Thanks Rosie…will keep you posted…wishing you good health… I am going to do once a week Saturday weigh-in’s so my update will be Monday’s…Lin


did you use 2 or 3 scoops?


Hi Kitten17, I find that two scoops is quite adequate for my needs, think the scoop thing is a trial and error thing depending on hunger, if you use 2 and your hungry too soon for lunch, try three, but have always used 2 and it works for me till dinner time in the evening…Lin

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Thank you…

Now the bars are on sale I am ordering those as we speak they can often be my evening meal with a little coconut oil mmmmm!

K x

Ordered my 16 bars :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Yum…enjoy x

Hello again,

I meant to ask you did you feel hungry on 3 shakes a day?

K xx

Good morning,

I have never had three shakes a day, basically I have two made up of two scoops, one flavour boost sachet, and 1/2 a tablespoon of Chia Seeds, and the Chia Seeds which are so good for you, and they are filling and healthy too and make the shake thicker…hope this helps, as I was never hungry, and had a dinner with my partner in the evening. Take care…Lin

Hi Flynn1958

Yes I use chia seeds too…

Thank you for your reply

K x