Huel's First Sustainable Nutrition Report 🌎

Hey Hueligans!

Today is big day for us. After a long time in the making we are releasing our first Sustainable Nutrition report :green_heart: :seedling::earth_africa:

As you probably know, a huge part of our mission is about minimising our impact on the planet as well as providing great nutrition - something that is paramount in the food industry. This report asks the questions:

  • What is the problem with our food system and what needs to change?
  • Does Huel stand up to the test?
  • What is Huel Powder’s carbon footprint?
  • What else are Huel doing around sustainable nutrition? Including an update on the recycled plastic content of our RTD bottles and information you may not have heard before about our supply chain.
  • What can we all do for our health and also the health of the planet?
  • What are Huel’s commitments for the future?

Our research has shown that whilst we do offer nutritionally complete, low-carbon food, there are still many opportunities to further reduce our impact.

You can view our summary article and full report on our site and we would love to know what you think.

tl;dr -
Full report -

It’s important to us to show it to our community first, as we know many of you care so much about Huel and our impact. We want you to hold us accountable for this. And we will challenge the food industry to do the same. We are committed to this journey, and we hope that by sharing our approach, we will inspire people around the world to change the way they think about food – to truly realise its potential to nourish both ourselves and the planet we live on.


This is fantastic and a real challenge to other food providers. Makes me so happy, obviously room for more improvement as for everyone but the fact that you guys actually recognise it is fabulous. Makes me very happy to be a regular Hueligan.


It’s a well thought and laid out read Tim.


Thanks guys, we’ve posted some summary pages on our social pages. You can check them out there if you want a skim.

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The 100% recyclable pouch is in development!

PS. The H&S having just 7 meals per bag its just too small, that is not very sustainable.


it has been for a while - its just a particularly tricky combination of problems to solve in one hit :slight_smile: its also great that they’ve managed to source enough rPET to increase its content in RTD bottles to 50%


To be fair, Huel has a massively negative sustainability impact - good nutrition means humans live longer, which is the single largest negative effect on the world’s environment according to studies.

(Please don’t start adding cyanide to Huel)


Haha is that praise @rikefrejut? Thank you…I think?!

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It is praise :slight_smile:

Thank you for producing this report, it gives me yet another quality document to share with people that doubt various aspects of Huel to show them that their preconceived notions are misguided.


Love this. Can’t wait to read in proper detail.

I remain extremely skeptictal about sea being an environmentally friendly way to transport anything, so I’m looking forward to that bit in particular :wink:


I think for ‘friendly’ see ‘friendlier’ but with it’s own unique set of issues :slight_smile:

Well, that’s yet to be seen as we haven’t yet assessed H&S for carbon footprint. I think saying it’s “not sustainable” isn’t fair, purely because you’re comparing H&S to Huel powder which is 17 meals, whereas what we really need to be doing is comparing it to sandwiches, meal deals, noodles etc.

However, what we’ve found from our research is that only 2.8% of the total carbon footprint is packaging (which includes cardboard etc). You could say it “could be more sustainable” :blush:

We’ve got to balance that with the variety we expect people to have of H&S. We expect with powder that most will find the flavour they like and stick with it, whereas we expect people with H&S to have a different flavour daily, so the smaller pouch makes sense here. Not saying you’re wrong, we can always improve, we’re excited about the work going into a 100% recyclable pouch at the moment!

Also, not sure you would have seen, we’re starting to roll out 51% recycled plastic RTD bottles! Which is huuuuuge!


Does this mean you’ve got dozens of new flavours in the pipeline?


:male_detective: :thinking:

I won’t lie I’ve over exposed myself here.



it certainly is - getting sufficient stocks of rPET is frightening - big boys like Pepsico are setting themselves a target of 25% usage by 2025 and have aggressive programmes in place to bulk purchase available stock - they have bought almost three quarters of a billion dollars worth of rPET in the last year alone to build up stockpiles (that works out at 620,000 tonnes at current list price).


As someone who has worked in commercial agriculture and agribusiness nearly all my life, this is a fascinating topic to me. I will give this a more through reading later on tonight when I get the time. Being pulled about 10 different directions at present

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I would have liked more variety of other normal and common foods or dishes carbon footprint.

Overall I really liked the report, good work!

The rPET bottle and improving it to 51%… Its a complicated topic. @Phil_C explained a year ago this and the conclusion was to not use it unless you absolutely needed that type of convenience.

Its okay to use rPET but if all companies start using rPET its going to be quite a mess and its really not helping at the end.

Ps: I didn’t notice @Phil_C just made a comment about this!

rPET is a great solution Adrián - my problem with the whole PET thing is that most people don’t recycle them - hence the shortage - and they end up in landfills.

actually if everyone was using it that would be a good thing as it would indicate that more of it is being recycled :slight_smile: I’m not sure I like the idea of companies like Pepsi hoarding it though…

Hear that @Blobbymatt :smirk: