Gamechangers and thoughts

So I havent seen Gamechangers yet but it does prompt many conversations in my house as my wife is Vegan. Personally I dont really need meat in my diet and happy to eat what she is making, but I also eat whatever I want at the time which will include meat etc.
I’m a long time Hueler and have suggested to my wife to try it although she doesnt really like ‘shakes’ so thus far unsuccessful. And this prompted the debate - What is better long term for the environment? Huel (or similar) or plant based diet? I think trying to persuade people to change their eating habits is pretty futile as you tend to see heels sticking firmly in the ground in either position. I think there is a stronger persuasion in the global impact of any food source. Is the future Huel over plant based??

Huel and other complete foods are ultimately better than any other plant-based diet for many reasons. A few quick points:

  • No transportation of water mass.
  • Fewer resources required to grow Huel ingredients than most other ingredients (think water requirements of fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.)
  • Huel does not realistically expire, so no food waste.
  • No need for refrigeration, cooking (gas/electricity), washing up - saving electricity/gas/water.
  • Insignificant trash generation (just the Huel pouch) compared to all sort of food packaging or actual inedible food parts.
  • No need to travel for food shopping. A single Huel delivery van can service a massive area compared to everyone in that area having to take their car to go shopping.

So if any vegan tries to argue that they are vegan for the environment, then you should tell them they should only eat Huel.

The future is complete foods eventually. It is the most efficient way of feeding an ever increasing world population.


Hey Carl, we wrote an review on Gamechangers here. Even if you haven’t seen it, the article may be of interest.

That’s an interesting one. A plant-based diet is a very broad category so it’s hard to say. I think it’s less about trying to pit one diet against one another and finding ways that work for the individual to improve their diet and its impact on the environment. If you can’t stick to what you eat for more than a couple of months there’s not much point.

Most likely Huel is part of a plant-based diet. The majority of Hueligans have Huel 1/2 times a day so that meal in the evening could be home cooked and plant-based.


Not if you grow most of the food yourself, or acquire locally grown produce. That would be the best.


Thanks for the responses. some interesting points made

link seems to be broken?

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Yep, it appears to have gone into the 404 black hole, and nothing comes up in a search for “Game Changers” either.

@Dan_Huel, have you got a working link please? Ta!

Yeap the article is current going through a couple of tweaks so everything is spot on. I will let you know when it’s live again.

Ah okay, no worries, will keep an out out for it then, ta!

Article is still off line.

Except RTD :wink:

Not sure it’s that complete, but I’ve read that we need to increase food production by up to 25% in the next 50 years or lots of us will starve. CF’s could almost certainly contribute massively to that as food technology improves.

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Thanks for the nudge.

After discussions with the creators of The Game Changers, unfortunately, the article will not be going back up on site.

If any of you have watched it feel free to comment as I’m happy to discuss.

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Sorry to see that they are not supporting Huel.

They noted that plants have al the essential bca chain. That is not totally true or false, it was my idea that you would need to mix plant protein sources to get a full protein profile.

Yes, the way they phrased that statement in the film made it sound like all plant proteins are complete which is incorrect. There are a few such as soy and quinoa which are complete, but most aren’t so mixing is required like you said.

Interesting, I’m only just reading your article now, what didn’t they like about it?

And even if they don’t like it, what is wrong with Huel writing an opinion piece on it? Unless it was libellous or otherwise defamatory…

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Well that’s somewhat disappointing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you able to elaborate - even just a smidge - as to why?

I did manage to find the article in Google’s webcache, but I assume this is the initial version that was posted before being withdrawn for further editing.

Or factually incorrect perhaps?

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Many things that make the news are factually incorrect. Doesn’t stop them.


It was more a difference of opinion. Nothing was factually incorrect and all statements were backed-up with references. We wanted to present an equally weighted article so there were positive and negative points. Some of the negative points were more subjective as it was easier to address overall themes.

We want to work with promoting plant-based diets in a positive and factual way so together it was decided to remove the article permanently.

Personally, I found a few things factually incorrect in the film. Again happy to discuss with anyone who has watched it!