HuelShakes and flavour notes

Hi. Been using Huel for a few weeks. I got unsweetened and vanilla flavours and I have to say unsweetened is way nicer. Vanilla has an artificial sweetness which lingers, like a diet drink.

Combine unsweetened Huel with other ingredients in a blender for the very best results. In my mind this is by far the best way to consume Huel. If you don’t have a blender, buy one!

A good breakfast ‘HuelShake’:

2 scoops unsweetened Huel
3 ice cubes
1 banana
Half a Huel flask of water
Splash of milk

Whizz that up and you’ll have a delicious oaty banana milkshake. For extra sweetness, add toffee sauce / dolche leche…banoffee pie flavour!

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I agree with that. I mix up my sweet/unsweet for a bit of variety, but after two or three days of straight vanilla I start to really notice the taste. First few days are fine. So I switch to unsweetened then and it’s a much cleaner fresher taste. I use the stevia flavour pouches quite a bit too which allow you to control the sweetness more to your liking. And IMO it’s a nicer tasting sweetness. Similar to your recipe, I do enjoy a bit of unsweetened with a banana and hemp milk blended for a bit of creaminess.