Huge Huel display in Holland & Barrett

no argument there

yeah - theres certainly the possibility that people could have that perception

yeah I ducked in there a few times while I was in the UK

that seems a little sweeping - assuming that all their customers are in effect imbeciles? H&B strikes me as the kind of store that its customers know what they are buying into - rather than relying more on casual customers.

I don’t use homeopathic medicine myself but I know quite a few people who do. They are certainly not idiots and are as entitled to their opinions/beliefs as anyone.

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Poor @Herbivore; their lovely positive topic has been turned into something of a rout… :cry:

Not at all, I’ve been enjoying the discussion! I very very rarely go into H&B, I just happened to see that cute display while I walked past. Been a stressful time at work so watching a debate here has been quite nice :smile:


I think I saw some huel rtd in a fridge in the co op near me the other day!

Ace to see it spreading, though I haven’t tried the rtds myself they’d be a great option when I’ve not got any huel on me.

Sometimes when I’m at work I’d end up grabbing a tesco meal deal, but if huel rtd was in the same fridge as the meal deal food / drinks I’d definitely go for it instead - I have seen them in other fridges but you have to go fully into the store and hunt for it. For me it’s a quick lunch meal so should be with the sandwiches!

You probably did. It was actually on offer at £3 last week, but in my local back up to £3.85 which I don’t pay.

On offer at my local Sainsbo’s at the moment, and they have a wider selection of flavours.

At £3 I’d definitely choose it over a meal deal! What are the flavours like compared to the powders?

They are quite different to the powders in both taste and texture.

Obviously everyone is different when it comes to taste.

The berry one is really lovely, but I don’t like the berry powder and only bought it once.

The iced coffee caramel one is probably my new favourite - only tried it recently (not tried coffee caramel powder as I didn’t think I’d like it - but could be wrong).

I prefer vanilla powder to RTD

Chocolate is quite nice - better than powder.

Strawberry is nicer than the powder.

I’m not a fan of either the banana powder or RTD, but like the old Banana flavour boost (RIP).

Textures of all are much smoother and creamier than powders unless you use a high speed professional blender like a vitamin. But ingredients are difference its not just the way it’s blended before bottling.

£3.00 I’d buy them, £3.85 I probably wouldn’t)

@hunzas (sorry didn’t class as a reply for some reason)

Coffee caramel sounds delicious tbh! I haven’t tried Berry because I did see a lot of negative reviews so I don’t think you’re on your own!

Also, I really wanted to love vanilla, so so much, but it barely had any taste to me and also didn’t thicken, I spoke to the support just to let them know in case they had a dodgy batch and they were kind enough to offer me another bag, but I chose coffee because it was one I really did want to try at the time.

The vanilla still gets used occasionally but considering it’s the same bag from my first ever huel order and I ended up getting flavour boosters to have with it I likely won’t get again, crazy because vanilla is usually a safe bet and I heard such good things!

I love the strawberries and cream powder and salted caramel, also really like cookies and cream but haven’t yet tried chocolate as again I heard mixed reviews leaning more towards negative side. I do like to make my own mind up though so will try them eventually, just need to make sure there’s always enough of the current favourites in for my fussy better half!

I like vanilla powder. But I prefer the original powder (only available in white). It’s not as nice as the original original from back in the day but still one of my favourites.

I’m actually someone who normally has their flavoured Huel 50/50 with unsweetened.

I quite like cookies and cream 50/50 with either strawberry and cream or salted caramel.

We just go and put it in random stores and see if they notice. Seems to be working so far. Managed a few thousand so far, not bad really.

I love the 50/50 strawberries and cream and cookies and cream combo, tastes like strawberry shortcake to me.

I never considered myself a sweet tooth, I’ll always go for starter over dessert, crisps over chocolate etc, but the whole conversation around huel has made me think I may actually have more of a sweet tooth than I thought. I see a lot of people saying for example the salted caramel powder is too sweet, but to me it’s just perfect!

It’s a clever & gutsy tactic for sure, true entrepreneurship!

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Saw some Huel RTD machines at Heathrow the other day. Great idea team!

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salted caramel is definitely too sweet in my opinion.

i prefer savoury to sweet really, but am partial to (vegan) ice cream

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If you haven’t tried the vegan magnum (ice creams in the UK for anyone from the US :joy:) range, it’s well worth a try - I can only speak for the original flavour but it’s the most ice cream tasting vegan ice cream I’ve had! The gro one is good too, as is the one in the hexagonal tub that kind of looks like walls!

I’m not vegan, but I’m lactose intolerant, so the increase in vegan alternatives has been great for me, and huel being vegan means I know I’m safe and only need to check for my nut allergy! (I know I’m falling apart)

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That is Swedish Glace. I was actually one of the first people in the UK to try it as I was a taste tester. It was a much nicer product back then. It has since been bought by Unilever who have cheapened the ingredients - so if you love it now you would have been blown away back then. Bearing in mind there were also very few vegan ice cream choices.

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Agreed, its bloody sweet. I find making it with milk instead of water tones it down

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Yep you’re absolutely right, I went and checked the brand name in tesco yesterday! Yeah I do think it’s one of the better vegan ice creams, and feel glad in a way I didn’t try it before they cheapened it (at least I don’t know what I’m missing, ignorance can definitely be bliss).

Ben and Jerry’s totally misses the mark for me which is disappointing, I find theirs to be watery and weak. The chocolate flavour is better than say the cookie dough but still not the best.