Intermittent fasting with Huel

So I like to weight train and stay lean as much as possible and when I eat conventional food I find the best method for me is intermittent fasting where I wait until 12-2pm before I break my fast then beggining the fast at 6-8pm.
I made the jump to 100% Huel this week and tried that method, not a chance! I was ravenous until 12 where I guzzled four scoops then by 4pm I was just as hungry" what I’m going to try is two scoops 5 times a day. 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm. That will be all I have. It’s going great today, I don’t feel like I’ve been running on empty at all!

Huh. I’ve been doing IF on Huel and Joylent for over a year without problems. Currently I’m taking about 1800 kcals in a five-hour window (06:00-11:00), fasting for 19 hours/day. No major hunger issues. I’ve been doing IF for years even before I was doing powdered food, though, so I guess my body is really used to it by now. How long had you been doing it before making the switch?

I did see a Horizon episode where they discovered that intermittent fasting can dramatically reduce a person’s risk of some of the common health problems like heart disease and stroke. This doctor had blood tests done at the beginning and he was showing as at risk for various health problems. Then he did intermittent fasting for a while and his blood tests came back much better.

Here’s a short clip from a radio interview with him:

I imagine that Huel could be great for this because you are able to accurately measure your calorie intake.

1800 kcals on Huel only? I don’t think you get all the RDA required for micronutriments then.
Do you supplement yourself? How?
As someone who is fasting on a 20/4 schedule and had ordered Huel I’m really interested, thank you.

If you eat less, your metabolism goes down and you need less nutrients. 1800 isn’t that far from the 2000 Huel is based on, and I only do it periodically, anyway. It’s fine.