16/8 & Huel

Hi everyone was just wondering if there’s many people intermittent fasting either 16/8 or 5/2 and and using Huel to break they’re fast? Been on the 16/8 for 11months and started using Huel 2months ago seems to work nicely for myself but would be interested to know if it’s doing the same for other people thanks.

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I’ve been doing 16/8 since January and mostly break my fast midday with 400-800kcal of Huel. For dinner, it’s 400kcal of Huel and some solid, savoury food most of the time. Works pretty well for me!

I’ve been doing 16/8 for the last month paired with a 1200 kcal diet. I eat a huel bar at 10:00, Huel RTD at 13:00 and a ready meal with steamed veg between 16:30-17:00. With the low calories i also take multivitamins to compensate for any deficiencies in my diet.

It seems to be working well for me so far ive lost 25 lbs (11.5 kg) since mid april. Although i was 315 lbs (143 kg) so it’s not a huge difference in my overall weight, but im happy with the results.

Thanks mate sounds similar to what I’ve been doing breaking my fast with a Huel then oats with hemp milk about an hour later and works well too :+1:

The results sound as though it’s working really well for you mate that’s a good weight loss in a short period of time good effort :+1:

I’m doing a IF 16/8 with 100% Huel right now. I started the 16/8 last year because of my IBS & esophageal spasms. I fast between 9pm and 1pm, I never eat breakfast so that time is the easiest for me. And I feel great. I use Huel products since last year September because it’s easy since I’ve irregular working hours. The 100% I started this week because I want to lose some extra weight. And the timing is right because I’m home a lot because of the virus. There are some that would eat a lot at home, but for me it’s the other way around.

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I’m doing the same times as you with the 16/8 I’ve started using Huel since the pandemic. I read about it in MH and thought it would be a good idea to try and use it to maintain weight and mass and I weighed for the first time this week for 2mths and I’m 12st10 and 12% body fat and I was 12st4 and 14% body fat so the proof is there that it’s working really well for myself and will definitely be sticking with it. Thanks for the replies off everyone so far as it seems to be working well for everyone :+1:

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What is 16/8?

You fast for 16 hours every day. You can eat during an 8-hour window.

Thank you, I dont think I would be able to do that!

It’s not as hard as it sounds. Like, you could have your first meal at lunchtime and your last at 9pm. I used to do that accidentally because I got up too late to eat breakfast.

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Yeah I suppose! Funnily enough I was thinking that as soon as I wrote the last reply! I get up way to early and go bed too late to do that though! I’d eat my house!


I’ve never tried 16/8 because I’m crap at sticking to a schedule. It seems to work for a lot of people though. I have to set myself a hard calorie limit.

It depends on my workload tbh, i just try cut out snacking, 2 weeks in to huel and it’s working though. Try to have more fruit and cut out full fat milk, havent had any milk, but I crave peanut butter! Never did before huel! Thanks for replying so quick, you should work for huel!

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They can’t afford me.

I can’t do it either… I get up at 5 in the morning so waiting for lunch would mean I have to wait 7 hours after I also ran 5km… I could star in the walking dead if I do that.

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I forgot my shake this morning when went out to shops I nearly died! What has huel done to me!

I do 16/8 most days.

Yes we are so spoiled :rofl:

You can start your 8hr feeding window at whatever time suits you they say after 12hrs of fasting you start seeing the benefits but if you can do 16hrs you definitely reap the rewards natural HGH levels are boosted, longevity, and there’s even talk about stem cell regeneration when you’re hunger hormone kicks in believe it’s the Grehlin hormone but may be wrong about that if somebody knows more about that if love to hear from them. Thanks again to everyone for sharing their experiences and knowledge!!