OMAD and Huel

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been working on reducing my body fat and have been doing OMAD and using Huel to break my fast.
Generally i’ll Huel with 2 scoops and 400ml water to break the fast then try eat a meal after to build up calories.

Would it be better to continue OMAD or maybe switch to 20/4 as sometimes I worry my daily calorific intake is too low.
I’ve lost 3% body fat since starting :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

What is OMAD?

One Meal A Day

How many calories are you consuming generally per day?
And what’s the deficit on that? i.e. How many calories would you be eating to maintain your weight?

I don’t know of this diet. So I’m just asking out of curiosity

With Huel I try eat 1500 calories in that one meal, but sometimes I struggle to finish it because it’s so much food.

Did you also try standard diets? Calorie in vs calorie out?

I would find oMAD really difficult. Insulin levels going down. Hunger hormones going into a rage.

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Yeah, I don’t fancy that one either. Seems like a tough one. I don’t know about the science behind it, but it seems like it would be counter intuitive. I’d rather have my calories spread through the day than all in one big meal and I would expect the body would be better able to deal with a slower calorie intake than a massive input once a day. I certainly couldn’t do 1500 calories of huel all in one go. Yikes!!


Interesting stuff. I might jump on the IF/OMAD bandwagon and give it a try myself.

I’ve been doing an 8/16 diet where you only eat for eight hours of the day, so in my case between 12AM and 8PM. I find that this is really only two means and now I’ve been doing it a while I don’t struggle or cram food during the period. When it comes to Huel I did 100% for the best part of 9 months and was very healthy, lost considerable weight with no effort and according to the doctor was sound as a pound.

My advice would be go 100% Huel, forget the one a day thing. Weigh the powder, use the calculator to work out what you need for your age and weight - undercut it by a couple of pounds and stick to it. Far healthier than starvation and long term much better for you

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That’s can’t be good for you. Just the volume of water would be a concern for me. Don’t worry about OMAD, just spread it across three sessions and depending on your stats aim to come in a couple of hundred calories less than you require.

I too am a rusher when it comes to loosing weight but it doesn’t work

Thank you for sharing this!! Brilliant

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This entire concept sounds utterly ridiculous, I just don’t understand why you’d subject yourself to this at all.

What did you measure your bodyfat with?

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I’m afraid it wouldn’t suit me at all.

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There is also anther thread in regards to OMAD.


I don’t OMAD with just Huel, I break my fast with Huel 90% of the time and then eat a relatively balanced dinner afterwards. I think 16/8 is too unrestrictive for me, I don’t like counting calories, I know with OMAD if I eat to my hearts content, unless I’m eating several pizzas I’m still in calorific deficit. I’m tempted to alternate OMAD and 20/4 though and maybe have an extra Huel later on in the evening.

I must admit that it sounds credible. Not sure how this would work with fitness and such. I was eating not enough in the past and my body was pumping out ammonia :roll_eyes:

More,information about IF

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@Patricius Thank you for those very interesting videos!

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