Intermittent Fasting/OMAD on Huel

I was wondering if many other Huel’ers are doing IT or OMAD as well as taking Huel.
If so how have you found it and what are you routines for eating hours.
I’m currently doing 17-7 (20:30 - 13:30) (which means food time shortly!) 5 times a week and eating ‘normally’ on a weekend. I’ve considered trying OMAD a few days a week but not sure if I’d be able to go a full 24 hours without any food…

Not currently, but historically and periodically I have done IF/OMAD on Huel, and both worked well. My eating window normal between 3 and 7pm. 24 hours without food is unwise. Takes several days to get into it as can feel hungry at first. The whole breakfast being the most important meal of the day is nonsense invented by Kellogg anyway.


I’ve read mix reports on OMAD and not felt like it’s something I’d be comfortable doing - being at work with no food in my immediate future might demotivate me to the point of sleep! The first few days were rough and when I go back to fasting on a Monday after eating normally on a weekend I can get rather hungry but for the rest of the week there’s no hunger at all. I agree strongly with the breakfast motto being made up. A coffee does me just fine :smiley:

I nearly always have to have a tea with soya milk first thing…then coffee (normally black) rest of the morning/early pm.

What’s OMAD?

My mind can’t help but think it’s the second part of “Gallon of Milk A Day” strategy used for turbo bulking?

Edit: O I c, one meal a day!

I’ve been having huel as my main nutrition for over 2 years and have been having OMAD for the last 3 months.
Where as before I would have a huel shake midday and then two more in the evening with fruit i now have them all in the evening.
I’ve changed how I have them as well.
I now have 11 scoops of huel with half water and half organic oat milk, 250/250 ml each shake so quite thick/creamy and I then pour into a bowl with 2 portions of pineapple chunks. So just shy of 2200 calories which is my maintain amount of calories.
It took a few days to get used to having no shake in the day but didn’t take long to adapt to it. I now actually look forward to my evening meal more and don’t feel hungry in the day. I drive long hours 5/6 days a week all over Europe so this does help with not eating in the day. Occasionally I’ll have a couple pieces of fruit if I do feel hungry but not often.
I started doing this after looking into IF but have found I actually prefer eating like this putting the possible health benefits with IF to one side.
When I go home 5 times a year for 2 weeks I have a break from huel and have all solid food. Maybe my job helps with this way of eating but it works for me and I feel fine. The only drinks I have is black coffee and the water/oat milk with the huel. I do have calories in the nutrition I take each Sunday during a long cycle ride.

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Do you feel fine throughout the day without any food? I can imagine it’s the same way I was when I started IF, being hungry the first few days but after adapting it’s easy to forget you’re hungry haha.
I read somewhere that hunger isn’t so much a state it’s a thought which in !moderation! can be forgotten about to make it easier :slight_smile:

Yes that makes sense. I have found that on the odd day where I’ll have something in the day as soon as I start eating I will then feel the need to eat more.


Almost like breaking the seal when you go out drinking :sweat_smile: