Intermittent Fasting

Hi All,

Been taking HUEL for a while now but am going to use it with 16:8 intermittent fasting. Has anyone tried this before and if so what was your regime? how long did you go between HUEL’s?

I need to do all my eating between 12-8pm and avoid the evening munchies! :grimacing:

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23:1 works, so it is very likely 16:8 will work as well.


Yeah I’m doing 16:8 at the moment with a mix of Huel and other foods - doing 11-7 so almost the same. running a small calorie deficit and light cardio. Down 12kg in 14 weeks of doing this without much effort. I change the percentage of calories from Huel every week 40-80% roughly.

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Thats pretty much my plan Phil.

How long do you leave in between meals? 2-3 hrs?

yes I space them out pretty evenly and just have light snacks in-between if I need them.

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16-8 is pretty much my norm. Usually one or two Huel meals per day plus whatever I fancy eating. Suits me fine.


I quite like intermittent :facepunch: ing


Fasting might make your day, but what you said will make your whole week.


I did 16:8 for a long while. I found that 11am-7pm worked best for me.

Initially the 9-11 phase was hard, but eventually you realise that just because you are hungry, you don’t necessarily need to eat.

I only stopped when I upped my training intensity and found that getting to 3k calories in 8 hours was too much of a challenge. Nowadays I end up at a natural 14/10.

I didn’t intentionally go for intermittent fasting, just sort of drifted into it naturally. I tend to feel much better if I have my last meal around 6pm. There are occasional blips but in general I stick to my routine.


I find that one of the biggest benefits I get from Huel is it removes the thinking part of daily eating for the days I have a huel day. This removes the lamenting over food choices which can lead to snacking. On a Huel day all meals are a simple choice of flavour and not substance.


Welcome to the forum!

I’ve been doing exactly that, with Huel, for about three years now, and it suits me perfectly. I may miss 3-5 days a month (entertaining, red wine, business breakfast, etc.) but I’m pretty consistent. Also, last night I was grazing till 10pm - very unusual! - so my noon start time has slipped to 2pm. If I do get hungry, green tea works beautifully.

I’ll generally have one Huel a day, sometimes two. One the one-Huel days, I just make myself something yummy and nutritious in the evening. I eat right around noon, or a bit later, and then around 6-7pm. If I eat nearer 8pm, it can mess with my sleep.

I’m not trying to lose weight; I was just inspired by the idea that the body heals and regenerates when it’s not busy digesting.


My background and routine:

  • 50+ year old and ovo-lacto for 20+ years
  • 23/1 fasting window
  • Runner on 400 km a week mileage
  • Break fast with 2 drinks. (1) Huel; (2) Collagen + Tumeric + Protein
  • Pretty much eat whatever I want for the remaining hour with eggs and dairy consumed daily.


  • Stomach volume is the limiting factor
  • Gas is an occasional issue
  • Transitioning to Huel Black to see if it’s better and can then eliminate need for protein. Can then consolidate collagen and Tumeric into the Huel Black drink. Intent being to free up more stomach space to eat real food.

Still a discovery process and am keen and open to tweak my routine.

400 km a week??

My salvation from the COVID madness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry my bad, just noticed my error. It’s 400 km a month.

Haha, now that is less Ironman-ey