Iron and calcium / supplementing iron

Hi all! Haven’t bought Huel yet but am interested in giving it a go while travelling. Not always 100%, but whenever necessary. Wondered about a couple of things first, though:

I’ve always been under the impression that iron shouldn’t be taken with calcium, as calcium inhibits iron’s absorption, potentially increasing the risk of iron build-up.

From what I’ve seen, I assume Huel contains both. Is this a problem?

Or is there not enough of either element to cause an issue? I don’t know enough about nutrition to suss this out, but I know I’ve always been told not to buy multivitamins containing both.

Also, how much/little do people here with anaemia or iron deficiency supplement on top of Huel? I’ve often had problems with iron deficiency.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe this is one for @JamesCollier

Hi @Sophia

This is a valid point, but one we’ve addressed. Calcium can inhbit the absorption of iron. However, the amount of iron in Huel is at a high level to allow for this. Moreover, we’ve included a large amount of vitamin C in Huel and vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron.

Thanks for your reply! Sorry if you found you had to repeat yourself; I couldn’t find where it’d been addressed before.

No problem; enjoy Huel :slight_smile:

Hi James, in connection to this post I suffer from a genetic condition where I naturally over load iron and need to have blood taken regularly to reduce my iron levels. I have recently come across Huel and would really like to give it a try however I’m worried about the iron and what effects it might have. Do you think I should steer clear??? Thanks Matt

Hi @PantsProV

That’s a hard one and, if it’s a clinical condition, I could only comment with seeing your blood iron markers regularly. I would advise on only using a small amount of Huel and seeing how things go with blood monitoring.