Iron + Vitamine D tables needed when taking huel?

Hi, I’m a vegetarian who normally takes a table of iron a day and two tables of vitamine D twice a week. I just started replacing my breakfast with Huel and I feel great. My question is if I should keep taking the iron and vitamine D which has been prescribed by a doctor or shall I stop? Do you think a portion of Huel a day will provide all the iron and vitamine D that my body needs taking in mind that I don’t eat meat?

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if you are taking supplements under the guidance of your doctor - I would probably seek their advise but for your information, one 100g serving of Huel Powder is 80% of the vitamin D RDI and 57% of your iron.

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I have a 25μg D3 supplement every morning and often have 2 90g Huel shakes a day. I think it’s impossible to overdose on D3 when dealing with those kind of numbers?

Hm, strangely while the Vitamin D NRV is 5 micro grams (supporting that 80%/100g), the NHS recommendation is to supplement by 10, and Mayo Clinic says to get 15 micrograms a day. That’d make Huel 27%/100g.

As for too much, seems 50–100 micrograms (2000–4000 IU) should be fine.

Re: 57% iron/100g Huel, remember Huel’s iron is non-haem (with less bioavailability) so it isn’t that simple. Recommended reading:

Long story short for both Vitamin D and iron, 2000 calories of Huel (400g) is designed to hit the recommended (or ideal) values. If the Nutritional Information box, comparing against NRVs, seems vastly higher (seems to imply one serving of Huel can give a disproportionate amount), it’s probably because a) the NRV is too low, or b) there are bioavailability factors to consider.

tl;dr: keep taking your doctor’s prescription. One serving of Huel isn’t a day’s worth, it’s one serving’s worth. It’s a balanced food, not a super-supplement.