Is it Possible for Something to be Too Nice for its Own Good?

I really like the Pinapple & Coconut flavour, closely followed by Banana flavour, then Strawberry. Mixing them with vanilla Huel is delicious! :stuck_out_tongue:

But my issue is, I think they might actually be TOO nice! :astonished:

You see, the current version of vanilla Huel is just right. It is just nice enough to be pleasant to drink, but not so tasty that I crave it. When I’m hungry, I drink a bit of Huel, and it’s fine. Then I forget about it and carry on with my day.

But when I add one of my favourite flavours to it, I CRAVE IT! This causes me to get through it more quickly during the day. Today I got through my strawberry & vanilla huel too quickly and ended up with that uncomfortable “too full” feeling.

This could just be a psychological thing. It could also be deeper than that, though. I’m curious about what effect delicious flavours have on the brain’s reward pathways. It feels like it does something to me, and I only notice this effect because I have got so used to the neutral experience of vanilla Huel.

But I’m interested to know if anyone else experiences this?


When I first started Huel I experimented a lot with flavours, it’s so ingrained in us to constantly have different flavoured food (you should read the amount of criticism we get for daring to provide a food that isn’t rich in flavour, texture, and beautiful looks). But after a while I found it unnecessary and the novelty wore off. Now I’m probably about 90% vanilla Huel. Which as you say is pleasant to drink, but not so tasty that I crave it.

Then occasionally I have some add banana, coffee, mocha, just to be different. Everything in moderation.

This is an interesting thread: No one finding Huel boring?!?


I see what you mean, then it’s like a nice occasional treat rather than the main staple. That’s a good way to do it.

When I tried one of the other brands prior to Huel, I got a bit bored with too much of the same thing so I’m making a point of cycling through the flavours fairly equally, plus occasionally having a really bland one or a vanilla, or a mix. Since the pouches came along I haven’t experimented much with adding my own flavours, which I was doing quite a bit before, so they must be pretty good! I definitely get cravings for Mocha and Chocolate over the others. I can easily gulp one of them down in the morning without even thinking about it. I remember really struggling with my first couple of servings when I first tried Huel months ago.

Isn’t it funny how we all have such different tastes? Even to what we might expect ourselves! I was expecting to really enjoy pineapple and coconut as I normally love those flavours, but it’s actually one of my least favourite (at the moment, anyway) Who knows? That might change over time.