Is the low salt content in HUEL healthy?

Came across this informative video: ‘Salt: Are you getting Enough? (More Sodium & Health)’

I run about 40 miles a week so I presume I’m losing a fair bit of salt from sweating a bucket. Should I be adding a sodium supplement? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d base it on how you’re feeling. If you find you experience a lot of brain fog, headaches or muscle cramps with just the Huel, add a pinch of salt to each shake (healthiest types will be sea rock salt or pink Himalayan salt but the difference is pretty negligible) and see if that fixes the issue. I’d advise adding some salt if you’re working out heavily though.

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Turns out humans have managed to pollute the planet enough that there are even traces of plastic in sea salt.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I feel great on HUEL. Might add a pinch after a long run every now & then.

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There was a stage when Huel contained the RI for salt/sodium, but the general consensus was that if people wanted extra salt then they could easily add their own. I occasionally do add some to my Huel on the weekends before hockey matches.

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Wow, that’s impressive and appalling in equal measure. In that case, I’d just recommend pink Himalayan salt, and if you’re looking for a cheap source, definitely avoid supermarkets as they generally overcharge massively. The cheapest I’ve found is here for a finely ground one and here for a courser grind. Both from the same site, and I can vouch for their reliability. It only becomes particularly good value in orders of 1kg or more.


Hockey? I thought you were a briton?

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NaCl is NaCl is NaCl whether it comes from a container marked Saxa or is pink and Himalayan


Is there an established and scientific amount of sodium needed in the body?

Is there an optimal sodium:potassium ratio?

Is there a ‘superior’ source of supplemental sodium compared with sodium chloride?

Has sodium been unfairly vilified?
(Has potassium deficiency rather than excess sodium been the problem all along?)

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I’m pretty sure hockey was at least refined by Britain! Wikipedia, the fountain of all pub knowledge, says that it came from shinty in Scotland!

To confirm, I am referring to field hockey, not ice hockey. Playing hockey on ice is a terrifying prospect!


Yeah NaCl is NaCl but you’ll rarely find pure NaCl and it is the additives or solvents used for extraction that are the problem, hence a preference for sea salt or pink Himalayan salt which are subjected to far less processing than something like table salt.

I add salt to my huel, but to be honest I find that I just all round feel and function far better on a higher salt diet.

I think the negative media about salt is way over exaggerated, in fact studies are coming out showing higher salt diets can have several advantages, I personally think it’s an individual thing, and some people are more or less salt sensitive or resistant than others, also Factoring in activity levels etc too.