Sodium Content / Muscle Cramps

Male, 41 years old, 5’9, 250 lbs. New user of Huel Black.

I’ve struggled my entire life with muscle cramps, even when I was 19 and a collegiate athlete. I think it’s because I sweat profusely (and embarrassingly!) and lose water and electrolytes. It’s usually mitigated with drinking lots of water, and watching my sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium intake. (I’ve been known to drink pickle juice or beef bouillon just to get some sodium!).

Also, in my older years (35+), any time I go on ANY kind of diet (i.e. calorie restriction), I tend to get muscle cramps within 18-24 hours in. It’s painful, annoying, and frustrating. Sometimes I just eat something, just to make them go away.

Huel claims to be “complete nutrition” and it really does seem that it is true. Except I don’t see any info on the sodium content. Or if it really even matters. There’s a healthy amount (100% RDA) of potassium, calcium, and magnesium, so does the “missing” sodium really matter?

Thanks for your feedback.

BTW, I’ve been “using” Huel for about 3 weeks or so. But I’ve been horribly inconsistent. A day on, a a day off. Taking 2-3 shakes throughout my workday and feeling great about myself, but then binging on pizza or Chinese at night. So I’m trying hard, starting today. Thinking about taking 3 shakes (2 scoops each) during the workday and having a “reasonable” dinner. We’ll see.


Hello Jody

the salt content is on the nutrition profile on the back of bag label.

Wow! I’m a dummy! I swear, I looked at the bag, and the online nutrition profile multiple times, but did not see the sodium content. TBH, I was focusing on the “Vitamins and Minerals” section, and must have just overlooked it. So, it looks like my Huel Black does have a fair amount of sodium. Guess I’ll just have to drink some extra water and see it’s simply a hydration thing.

Thanks, Phil_C

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Yes, with Huel you have to definitely make sure you increase your water per day as its a pretty high fibre food.

I used to feel the same at the beginning, feeling great but craving for salty things or junk food. I started adding a pinch of salt to every Huel and problem solved.


You added salt to the flavored Huel? Or the UU? I have Huel Black, chocolate and vanilla.

To every huel but I normally have just UU or UU with Vanilla or chocolate in a proportion 90:10

What are your cramping symptoms? Could you have non-dystrophic myotonia? There are loads of different types of myotonia and therefore symptoms do vary considerably but worth you just having a Google to rule it out. Examples are paramyotonia, potassium-aggrevated myotonia, Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis and myotonia congenita (which two types called Becker’s disease and Thomsen’s). Just a thought - I was diagnosed in my 30s.

My cramps typically come after extreme exercise, lots of sweating, or dieting. I’ve wondered if the dieting creates a hydration issue, since there’s a lot of water in many foods. So when I cut food intake, I need to drink more water.

The cramps are typically in the hands, chest (pectorals), abdomen, groin, and hamstrings. Once they start, they can persist for hours.

Never heard of that. Will definitely google it, and talk to my doctor as well.

Your doctor may not have heard of it as it’s a very uncommon genetic disease. Cramping in the hands is one of my main symptoms, especially if trying to unscrew a tight lid on a jar. I also get abdominal cramps which as you say really does hurt!! Definitely worth a Google. If you want more info let me know. If you are UK I can direct you to the right consultants.