Leg cramps

I started huel last week, replaced two of my meals with it. I absolutely love it. The ease, the taste. However I am experiencing constant leg cramps in both legs all day long? Has anyone experienced this?

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Are you jumping up and down to mix it? :smiley:

Hi Emma, sorry to hear about the cramps - that sounds uncomfortable. Putting my detective hat on I have a few thoughts. There is a mixed opinion in the sports science world that electrolyte loss/hydration levels could be linked to cramping - although not clear cut. With that in mind there could be a few things at play

  1. Have you recently increased the amount of exercise you have been doing? More sweating, less hydration.
  2. It’s been super hot last week. More sweating, less hydration.
  3. Huel is low in salt - 0.6g/100g. See points above about cramping. Lower total electrolyte level.
  4. Perhaps you have been drinking less than usual, whilst taking into account the amount of liquid in Huel. Huel is high in fibre which acts like a sponge meaning you are more dehydrated than you think.

@ElectroDan makes the point of the other half of the argument that cramping is caused by fatigue. If point 1. is correct then this could be the reason too.

I would recommend increasing your intake of electrolytes and general water intake and see how you do. Hope this helps.

Thanks Tim I’ll try increasing my fluids