Leg cramps!

Hey people

I started using black edition 2 days ago, 2 shakes a day plus a healthy meal in the evening. Last night I was woken by the worst pain of cramp in my calf. This is something I’ve never experienced before and don’t wish to again. My leg is still painful now.

Having googled it I see there are several members of this forum who had this happen to them. It has been suggested that a pinch of salt added to the shake will alleviate this issue. Does this make any scientific sense to anyone? I will give it a go of course, but am very concerned about having a pain attack in the night again.

Hi. Is your calf swollen at all? Is it soft or hard to the touch? Does it feel hot, look discoloured? If it’s still painful and/or swollen you should really be having a word with your doctor to rule out DVT (deep vein thrombosis). I really hope it’s not but you can’t be too careful.

No there’s nothing sinister like that, it just feels like I’ve worked out and not stretched after

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I’ve had very bad leg cramps before. not Huel related, in fact started long before Huel was a thing
I was advised to eat more bananas for the potassium. I had one a day for a while and now have at least two a week. If I ever stop, the cramps come back.

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I’ve made sure to drink electrolytes today as they contain potassium among other things. Will report back in due course!

Hey Fae,

Are you on a weight loss diet? As others have mentioned you may be low in electrolytes so getting extra electrolytes through foods or supplementing may help.

I also want to try electrolytes

Hey Dan, yes I’m on a weight loss plan. And I’m making sure to drink electrolytes daily, as I’m in the early days. Had no cramping issues since so I think I’m all good! Thanks!


One useful treatment if you suffer a bout of cramp, or notice any of your muscles which usually cramp starting to twitch, is to take one or two chelated magnesium tablets with water (the ones I buy from Holland and Barrett are 400mg each).

Chelated magnesium is supposed to have better bioavailability than some of the less-expensive forms, as far as I recall.

Obviously this is only a good treatment for occasional cramps; for anyone with chronic, severe bouts of cramp a trip to the doc would be in order… :open_mouth: