Huel Black edition causing chest pains

I’ve recently tried Huel for the first time a few weeks ago, I ordered the Huel black edition and ever since I’ve started to drink it i constantly have chest pains throughout the day. I stopped taking it for 2 days and the chest pain gradually disappeared, I drank it again today and the chest pains have returned. So disappointing as I love how Huel gives me so much energy and makes me feel full but the chest pains are super worrying!

Hey Reanne, thanks so much for joining the Huel team, just so sorry that you’ve had a rough start. I can’t comment on what this could be. I will tag @Dan_Huel who may be able to help a little bit. Question: how quickly are you drinking your Huel? And are you drinking it at a similar time to drinking hot drinks?

Hey Reanne,

That is odd. I agree with Tim those two questions are helpful.

If you’re having your Huel quickly (<5 minutes) and alongside a hot drink this could be causing your symptoms.

Thank you for your swift response. I have tried different methods, I’ve tried drinking it at different times throughout the day, I have also tried sippping it slowly throughout the evening and it still is causing chest pains. I generally have a hot drink in the morning, and I have my Huel in the late afternoon/evening so I don’t think that could be causing it. This is so disappointing as I did pay quite a lot for the 2 packs of Huel black edition and I do love a full it makes me feel but the chest pain still persists when drinking Huel, I’m sure if it is a bad batch or something?

Hi @ReanneD

It’s odd that these symptoms are linked to you consuming Huel. Have you ever had symptoms like this when consuming other foods/drinks? Especially other products of similar consistency. How long after having Huel do the symptoms persist?

It might be worth speaking with your doctor as there could be some minor gastric reflux, oesophageal restriction or hiatus hernia* even if you’re only experiencing this with Huel.

*I’m not a medical expert or clinician so these are purely guesses.

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