Huel v2.3, muscle pain and cramp. Anyone else suffered from this?

Hi, I consume 3 scoops of GF Huel v2.3 every morning (any more and it upsets my stomach) and have a healthy diet.

6 months or so ago I started getting a pain in my foot each morning and cramp in my legs, arms and hands. I’ve been to my GP and had blood tests with regards to cramp, which were inconclusive. I came off Huel for a month and started a diet to lose weight and after two weeks the problem with my foot and cramp had gone. I lost the weight I needed to and started Huel again, now a month in I’ve started with the pain in my foot again and my muscles feel tight, in the morning especially.

Am I getting too much of something? Has anyone else experienced this?

I’ve recently ordered v3.0 and hoping this changes things, but would like to hear about others experiences.

No idea but would be interesting to find out. I have had a mystery dull chest pain on the right hand side for the last 6 months that aches and comes and goes. My Doc first thought it was costochondritis, inflammation of the cartridge of the rib cage. But I hadn’t injured it or had any viruses. Had loads of blood tests and x-ray but all clear, even was sent to see a cardiologist and had an ECG even though it was on the right hand side, all was good. I am fit and well according to them the only thing is I have lost 5 stones this year on Huel and exercise but haven’t injured or strained myself. So the pain is a mystery, I suppose I could stop Huel for a while and see if it goes away, don’t really want to but I might have to if it carries on. See how V3 goes.

@Ian42 I know what you mean about chest pain. I had a pain in my chest and went to my GP, turned out it was my “sternum’s tail“. Apparently a piece of cartilage forms in the chest as you get older and I’d knocked it in gym making my chest hurt. OK now though.

This is what is known as the xyphoid process or xyphisternum

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I would consider an excess of potassium. Consider if there a family history of diabetes, arthritis or reunailds.

Yes it is. I had it a few years ago. Took the consultant a while to find out what it was. Was causing reflux as well. I was being examined one day and my xiphysternum cracked so loud it sounded like a golf ball being dropped into a hard plastic cup. Think it was caused by rowing.mthe thing with oars not arguing with the missus. That just gives me tinnitus.

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I was getting leg and foot cramps every night in bed when on a high huel diet (2 or 3/day). I started addin a tiny pinch of salt to each one, and that seemed to solve it.