Jeans review

I had no idea this was even a thing, seems like you should run some ads just focusing on having proper pockets.

After 6 weeks or so, any new developments on things you like/dislike about the jeans? Do they shrink much after a wash? I am looking to order a pair soon.

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Will have to get back to you on the wash (they’re probably next in rotation), but otherwise the only update would be a couple of pretty trivial annoyances with the zip: the zip’s tab seems to park itself in a little garage at the bottom when you open it, such that grabbing the tab to close the zip can be slightly frustrating, but I’m used to buttons and another newish pair of zip jeans I have does the same thing, so maybe that’s a common issue. Also on my pair there’s slightly too much spare fabric in the flap behind the zip — that’s the rear one of the two corners that the button occupies — so I’ve noticed the corner of that folding over and getting caught in the top of the zip itself once or twice; again, this might be normal in softer fabrics; I’m used to stiffer denim which just wouldn’t fold like that. Very minor points though: they’ve remained comfortable and good-looking.

Thanks for the update! About a year ago I got jeans with a zipper after having just the button ups for a long time and I remember dealing with similar sounding issues, so that might not be Huel specific. Hopefully they do fine in the wash, that’s really my only worry at this point. I’ll likely get a pair by the end of the week though.