JRE 901: Dr Rhonda Patrick on Sulforaphane

Hi all.
My first post so go easy on me. I’ll preface with a disclaimer; I’m no expert in nutrition.

I came across Dr Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan 's YouTube channel (Ep. 901).
She seems to be researching fascinating topics in biology and nutrition. I won’t bore with full details as you can watch the video but three compounds that really stand out in her talks are:

Nicotinamide Riboside

I was wondering what Huel’s stance would be on inclusion of these in future products as research seems to suggest huge benefits in many areas of nutrition.

Thanks for reading and I’d be interested to know your thoughts on the research.

Edit: Video link: https://youtu.be/uxM_CLsvieE

I’m unsure about 1 and 3, but it’s worth noting that the beneficial effects of nicotinamide riboside have only been observed in studies by the company that both make and own the sole rights to the compound. I’m unsure if there have been other studies by non-affiliated corporations, but it’s worth taking the main findings with a grain of salt due to the potential bias.


I absolutely agree caution is necessary when it comes to patents and profits but there are lots of independent studies on these from various sources.
Search Pubmed and order by best match. It’s fascinating stuff.


Thanks very much for this, I’ll research more thoroughly later (last time I checked was a fairly long time ago). May have to get some of it myself!

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I’m not doubting your claims in any way. I know companies patent extraction methods but from what i can gather, Broccoli sprout, Pomegranate and Blueberry can cover all bases without infringing patents. I’m just unsure as to extraction or dosage requirements. I do know all need to be fresh and raw to create necessary conversions. I was hoping the Huel mods might chime in with some insight.

I take Heul as a nutritional supplement in hopes of achieving optimal RDA of nutrients alongside an imperfect but relatively decent diet. I’d be blown away by the product if these kinds of breakthroughs were heeded and promoted.

For now I add pomegranate, cucumber, kale, spinach, homegrown broccoli sprout and blueberries to my shakes. It’s a workload I could do without in all honesty but hey ho…


That was a great podcast I am surprised this thread has not got a lot of traction though it being a very important subject, I know the fluoride post was insane with responses for such a mediocre topic based mostly of pseudoscience and not much evidence.

The evidence around these compounds is huge though.

HI @Christopher

I’d have to have a good literature review on those compounds to consider including them. There are 100s of compounds which are touted to have benefits - many by some very credible individuals; however, I am sceptical until I’ve seen good quality evidence.


I completely understand and I was also sceptical. There’ s a ton of lab research by now, albeit short of human double blinds as of yet.
If you do read up, I’d love to know your thoughts James. Cheers

Hello @JamesCollier

I have been reading about Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts and I know some supplements have it.

Does Huel 3.0 include any of this? Is there any plan to include it?

Hi @airiartev - there is no sulforaphane in Huel. There are no plans to include it.

Do you recommend any supplement with sulforaphane? I dont like supplements but I would try one with that compound

I don’t. It’s not something I’ve looked into much in respect of supplementation.

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