Fruit and Veg and '5 a day'

Hey everyone!

New to Huel and am loving it. A few questions though. Everyone knows that fruit and veg are good for you. And research now suggests that it’s the compounds in them that work well with the body. (not just the nutritional content of them). There is a very interesting debate around Hormesis, which is that actually fruit and veg contain low level poisons that trigger repair mode in our bodies and help it regenerate quicker and more efficiently. I’m not a nutritionalist, but it seems the reason fruit and veg are healthy isn’t just because of its nutritional content.

I was wondering if you guys at Huel might explore this realm of food and I wonder if some of these compounds or even low level natural toxins found naturally in fruit and veg might one day make it into he Huel world to help mimic these benefits (aka not nessessarily then needing to eat fruit and veg on top of huel)

I’m new to this world so please correct me if I’m completely off the mark here!



Hey Harry,
Did you come here from Rhonda Patrick by any chance? (If not, YouTube her). She talks about this a lot. Sulforaphane is one product of hormesis. It’s made when certain plants are chewed, the otherwise stable compounds Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase mix and react.
Bugs are averse to these reactions and repelled or poisoned but in humans they’re supposedly a superfood in measured dosage.

I asked about this on here recently but unfortunately didn’t get any traction.
There are tons of studies on Sulforaphane here

I would be interested in any research material you’ve come across! :slight_smile:

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Would love to hear more input on this!


@Tim_Huel Any comments?