Fresh fruit/Veg

I am not sure if this has been posted about, but does consuming Huel replace the need for fresh fruit or veg? Or are you still supposed to consume them alongside Huel?

At 2000 calories Huel contains all the protein, fats, carbs, and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals at least 100% of the UK and EU recommendations. Plus because we using real natural ingredients you also get Phytonutrients - see here:

Consuming 100% Huel replaces the need for everything. Except bacon.

Mmm, bacon…


@Ric bacon and a good steak, the rest I could give up.

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Thanks guys :slight_smile: I thought that was the case, but just wasn’t 100%. And yeah steak and bacon (or a bacon steak) are pretty amazing XD

I’m on 90% Huel at the mo - but I had a steak for dinner today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve been trying to promote Huel in several vegan places…too much bacon and steak talk may reverse my good work.

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You’re working on the false premise that promoting veganism is “good work”. It’s so tiring hearing these kinds of self-important, self-righteous beliefs.

(And no, I don’t wish to start a whole new discussion with you about why you believe veganism is the “right way”)

Why is promoting veganism not good work?

Living a vegan lifestyle means that less sentient beings are used, abused, exploited, tortured and killed in inhumane and disgusting and filthy circumstances, to satisfy human convenience and gluttony.

Consuming animals as a main source of protein is unsustainable. It promotes deforestation, which harms the environment and increases the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. Furthermore, large amounts of cattle produce more CO2.

Cattle farming is many times less efficient than crop farming, uses a lot more land and water, and simply isn’t a viable way to feed the worlds growing population.

This isn’t opinion, it’s objective fact.

The only self righteous and self important thing I’ve seen written here is your silly statement. It seems you are the intolerant one; criticising vegans yet not wanting to engage in a debate or have any replies. Are you the only one entitled to an opinion?

The only tiring thing I hear is non vegans criticising vegans in some sort of ignorant and insecure diatribe. How many vegans do you know? All the ones I know are open minded and tolerant, and don’t preach their views to others, unlike a lot of non vegans I know.

For the record, I live a vegan lifestyle, and I have the courage and conviction, and developed self to be able to live my life in a way I see as ethically right, without the traits I inherit, unquestioned, from society. Nor do I, like many vegans, or people enlightened in other areas, have the insecurity that leads one to attack others beliefs.

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I take a middle ground. We are all part time vegans already, so are not in opposing camps. It’s not vegans against meat eaters.

There no doubt that eating less meat is better for the planet and animals. And there is no dobut that eating a quality steak is a pleasuable treat for most people.

I would like to be 100% vegan for ethical and environmental reason but don’t want to give up meat totally. So I think the best solution is to cut out all crap low quality meat, cut down on the amount of meat I consume, then consume high quality meat a treat when I really want it.

There are 7 billion people on the planet if we all cut down meat consumption by just 10% that is equivalent to 700 million becoming vegan. Which is a great place to start.


You’re assuming that everyone eats meat with that maths. Not many in India are eating cows, for instance, about 370million (30%) are vegetarian already. For anyone interested in meat eating (or not eating it) then I recommend having a read of the Meat Atlas (free booklet)

I know lots of vegans and most aren’t self righteous at all - they are vegan because they want to be vegan for various reasons.

I enjoy meat, but following the predominatly Huel diet will drastically reduce my animal intake.

Not wanting to create conflict, as so easily happens on internet forums, but that post was specifically in response to Eldrin, who doesn’t seem to want to engage further, despite his strong and unsupported view.

Live and let live is what I say.