Do I still have to eat vegetables if I eat HUEL?

So I live off of HUEL Hot & Savory + Chicken Breast or Salmon.

This has become my primary meal of choice. And I don’t eat much else.

I’m happy with that. My only question is, what am I not getting that I need?

In other words, do i still need to eat:

  • leafy greens
  • vegetables
  • broccoli
  • fruit

I don’t know much about diet science.
But am I getting the antioxidants I need by living off HUEL? Other stuff I need?


Trial and error.
Continue eating what you are.
If you die, there was something missing.


There’s one person on the Huel forum who has lived solely on Huel and water for about 5 years and I think they are still alive. Not seen them check in for a while mind you.

But like, what is in the “leafy greens” that I need, that i’m not getting in HUEL.

i’m not a diet science guy so i genuinely don’t know

I think it’s important to have variety in your diet. Things like kale, spinach, cabbage have natural vitamins that are great for your overall well being.

Huel is a useful tool in that it offers a nutritious meal that is easy to prepare and is a great replacement for breakfast cereal, a lunch time meal deal etc. Things that are invariably not nutritionally complete. But it’s no better than a regular meal that has a variety of wholefoods and vegetables.

I’ve been consuming huel products for nearly 7 years (first meal in march 2016) almost every day, often twice a day, but for less than a year in total as my only food of the day.

I’m not an expert either, so best wait for a response from the Huel team, but I don’t think they now recommend Huel 100%.

Hey @BilboBaggins1, as @hunzas has said variety is really important. We also know that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for health and that can’t really be replicated. They contain thousands of different phytochemicals that can be specific to that particular plant.

It depends what you were eating before and what you’re eating Huel instead of. You could try Huel for those meals that are short on time or on-the-go and then have a plant-rich meal when you have the time and energy.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I am dying laughing RN! @leejonesjnr

In other words, Antioxidants are commonly haled as a necessary compound.

Am I getting enough Antioxidants from HUEL?

Or do i need to, say, supplement HUEL and blueberries, for example

No, antioxidants are not a necessary component and it’s not something I’d worry about getting into a healthy diet. Regardless Huel contains antioxidants as several vitamins perform this role such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

good plan there

I think the sad truth is that no one really knows all the beneficial (or detrimental) effects of those aforementioned thousands of phytochemicals - and even less so all possible combinations and the effects of individual gut microbiome etc…

It probably can’t hurt to include more (fresh) vegetables and fruits, but I would hope that Huel being vegan at least contains more (and more diverse) phytochemicals than most foods.

Yes you’re right there.

We explain some of the phytonutrients in Huel here if you’re interested.

I started living just from shakes at the age of 6. I have ARFID (I have late diagnosed autism). And yes, I am still alive. I also have lots of water, but also tea. I used to be a coffee addict, but now I prefer black tea. And I am not really the type for U/U. I am not as “perfect” as rikefrejust (the guy mentioned above, at least it sounds like him…)