Not a vegan/vegetarian anymore-->

in the last two days ive started having dairy and meat again, after 21 months of being vegan.

my body needed it.

literally felt like there was part of me missing, like a hole to fill.

ive had gut issues with huel being fully vegan, and ive had it somewhat under control but the underlying issue is veganism had made my gut more sensitive and i had to be ultra careful what i eat and experiment with gas and bloating and runny shit problems along the way.

so after some ham and milk i literally feel myself again, im gonna see if huel with meat and milk in my diet solves the gut problems, so far positive feelings, my gut feels stronger.

but i am about to try Yfood, a milk protein type of powder food.

my suggestion to Huel is to bring out a milk protein version too, for vegetarians. this would be the option for all those who suffer gut problems.

thats assuming it works…

i dont want a sensitive gut, being careful not to have over one fizzy energy drink and things like that. its a tough world and i want a strong gut.

i am just conscious of putting on weight.

so, after 17 months on huel im trying something different… so veganism has successfully flushed out bad toxins in my body i needed to. its worked… and huel has been my main meals.

the problems i found with huel powder:

  • doesnt fill you up for long
  • gas
  • bloating
  • sensitive gut.

it was no mistake choosing huel and im probably going to continue with both huel and meat and dairy for a while, but ive decided to change course and try Yfood.

thanks Huel, its been an interesting journey of veganism with you.


Did you eat only Huel or anything else over the last 21 months?

I had all those symptoms prior to starting Huel because I have IBS. I try and stick with low FODMAP foods for the most part and only a small amount of high FODMAPs I know I can tolerate. I have been doing this for years now with some degree of success and not a few relapses. Some Huel products are ok for me and some are not. For me it’s a matter of sticking to those foods that keep my gut comfortable. Difficult at times, but not impossible. I am a vegetarian whose meals tend mostly towards vegan. I still prefer cheese made from cows’ milk, tried vegan and couldn’t take to it, and occasionally eat eggs, though not as often as I used to. There is no way I could ever start eating meat again. I have eaten no animal meat for a great many years but did continue to eat occasional chicken and fish. Since making Huel part of my diet I no longer eat chicken and very rarely eat fish. My gut will still kick off if I eat the wrong kind of foods (for me) but on the whole I have been more comfortable on Huel. Huel Black suits me better than v3 so will stick with it. So far H&S has been ok but I have no intention of overdoing it. Bars were ok if I only had one, but they are so moreish that I often ate more than one and suffered for it. They are now off the menu for the time being until I can grow a little more self control :laughing:

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How does that work?


By animal meat I meant cow, pig, sheep, deer as opposed to poultry or fish.

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I’m sorry to hear this Matt.

It’s possible that you were not getting enough of a key nutrient or two, the one that comes to mind is vitamin B12 - it’s advised to take a supplement when following a vegan diet.

Bee has raised a good point around FODMAPs and certain foods being triggers.

Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t see this as something we will ever do because milk protein offers nothing from a nutritional point of view that plant proteins can’t and plant proteins also have a much lower environmental impact.

I noticed on another post you said H&S filled you up. Is it possible you were consuming the Huel Powder too quickly or maybe you just prefer solid foods?

Thank you for explaining, it is an unusual distinction for me.

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lots and lots of fruit, veg and nuts mainly.

i was on b complex and extra b12 vitamins.

without going into detail i exhausted all avenues of veganism working for me.

basically, i need meat and dairy in my life. something in the huel does not agree with my system.

i found veganism made me less driven to push myself during exercise.

after one day of meat my gut is strong and i exercise more vigorously.

veganism wont save the world either.

extinction of humans will save the planet, but its the end of this mortal world.

world leaders know it.

more relevantly the hot and savoury caused me gas and bloating too.

I must have some weird iron stomach or something, never had any bad experiences on huel. Just had a cheeky H&S for lunch as it goes. Washed down a salted caramel bar afterwards. Was well lush.

Sorry that things haven’t been going great for you Matt, your journey has been so inspirational for me. Lost nearly 3 stone now, not anywhere near your bracket of fitness yet but I’ll get there!

I view this very much as a lifestyle thing. Most of the time I Huel it but if I fancy sausage and chips then that’s what I’ll have. Even when I say I’m 100% Huel that’s a bit of a white lie because I still have a steak every Saturday!

Hope you find a solution and can get to a place you’re comfortable with. :muscle:

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Thanks for explaining. If you’ve found what works for you, that’s all that matters.

True, but you don’t need to be vegan to save the world. At least halving your meat intake below the national average is the goal.


thanks @Dan_Huel

i appreciate your well meaning.

bottom line is i need meat_


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nice one mate

for me i was brought up on meat n dairy

n i was just craving it more and more the longer i was vegan

and i really feel it was a health issue going to come about if i didnt start meat n dairy again, something wasnt right.

i tried.

huel is a great idea, id come back if there was a milk protein version. personally i put more muscle on on milk n meat protein than veg protein, there is a difference. and body builders will say the same thing. only rarely can someone achieve big muscle mass on veg protein.

maybe thats part of my perspective, but i am with the majority on this one.

Go easy on the fruit. Too much can cause gut problems.

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ok @Bee

thanks for letting me kno

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ok so im leaving the forum.

ive converted to Yfood.

it suits me much better.

good luck guys.’

ciao bella/ bello

You take care @matt009

I remember when you first came here and I thought you were a crystal-pushing spammer. So long ago! Look after yourself Matt.

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Byee :wave: :wave: :wave: