Less pressure on the gut means more energy for life

Amazing, within 2-3 days of using 80% Huel as my diet, my energy levels went right up and stayed up, i felt much less lathargic and far less ‘depressed’ (as the doctors have called it). I feel so much better on a whole for Huel, as so many are learning, its great for us individually and for the planet. Amazing and if you are reading this and interested in trying it, then just get it and do it, you will feel great for it.


Thank you so much @rooguk, it’s great to hear about your positive experience and I hope they continue! Keep us updated!

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Nice to hear mate! There doesn’t seem to be enough focus on gut health from doctors and stuff, from the little I know anyway. Any anxiety, depression, foggy head or whatever is just attributed to “stress” or something all the time when there can be other problems like gut bacteria etc

There is a big nerve that connects the stomach and the brain, its why we feel out of balance and foggy when ill in the gut. They estimate over 70 trillion bacteria in there, 60 billion different types and about 4% mapped at last reading (couple of years ago). It gets weighed down with molds over time that can cause most conditions. Molds generally hate oxygen, theres not much in the gut, which allows them thrive. If you put really really pure water/oxygen through your gut, it gets rid of most of them. Truely, with Huel, the lightness of my gut has lightened up my head immeasurably and overall sense of wellbeing as a result is on the up!


So what effect does a 100% raw vegan diet like Huel have on gut bacteria? Has there been any studies @JamesCollier @Julian?

Hi Lewis

There have been studies on vegan diets and gut bacteria. It depends on the foods that are eaten. Diets rich in some soluble fibres and fructooligosaccharides will have a prebiotic effect to promote bacterial growth.