Does huel encourage gut flora?

Is there anything in Huel 2.3 that supports gut bacteria? probiotics etc?

There are no probiotics in Huel…personally…I take vegan probiotics alongside!

Huel doesn’t contain probiotics. Probiotics are great but are only present in foods where they’ve been added or cultured. Huel does contain natural prebiotic fibres which enhance the natural flora of our gut.

@hunzas in what form are your probiotics?

Oops…only just seen your question…it is these:

Thanks, I like to look at the different preperations to see if there’s info on how the bacteria are kept alive,

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I’d like to supplement Huel with a probiotic mix, is there one you would recommend please?

I don’t recommend brands. But do check that the cultures are alive in the final product.