Huel fiber keeping our gut microbes happy enough?


I have recently come across a few studies, such as this paper on fiberless guts and another on the gut’s relationship to seratonin production, emphasizing how important fiber is for a happy intestinal flora, and consequently our happiness and susceptibility to disease. These have left me determined to make sure I get enough fiber in my diet!

The ingredients listed for Huel suggest the fiber is in a minimally processed form and it provides more than the recommended daily intake of fiber, which is great. My question, from ignorance, is does it have enough variety and quantity of fiber to keep our gut truly happy? Also, are there consequences to having too much fiber for the gut flora?



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Hi Dominic

Great question - there’s a mixture of soluble and insoluble fibres in Huel mainly from the oats and the flaxseeds including some natural prebiotics to keep the gut flora happy.


Hi James,

Thanks for this answer. That is very good to hear.

I also found eating fresh, homemade yoghurt to be useful, introducing a large number of friendly bacteria to the gut.