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Recently I have been reading into the important of having a diverse fibre intake from multiple sources to ensure the many types of bacteria in my gut can thrive huel has a lot of fibre but is it from a range of sources to facilitate this wide range of bacterial growth?

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Although I can’t really answer your question, I personally take additional supplementation that includes enzymes and probiotics because gut health is ridiculously important and no single thing is going to be perfectly optimal, so I recommend that. I take Quest Enzyme Digest and am currently experimenting with a few different things in the region of a green supplement. Green Vibrance is what I’m on at the minute, it’s good and easy, and therefore, not cheap! In fact, just about the only thing I’ve found that IS cheap, good AND easy is Huel. Normally one has to pick between 2 :wink:

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You may find some more useful information here :slight_smile:

Huel Ingredients: Fibre

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Out of interest is there any proof/studies that those supps make a difference?

“Make a difference” Depends on what your definition of difference is I suppose. Are you interested in my gut and energy level and clarity of though, weight gain, the nitrogen levels of my urine?

I’m not going on a Google quest for you but there is proof that enzyme supplementation increases protein absorption dramatically, and there is probably a similar effect on nutrients besides protein too, but that one has far more research behind it! I’ve read a lot of accounts and articles and all the kinds of things you could dig up yourself over the years, but in reality, the only way to really know is to give it a go yourself. Part of the ‘problem’ is that it can be very difficult to differentiate your different effects. If someone smokes, drinks, eats crap and never sleeps dies of a heart attack, which thing led to his heart attack? The answer is all of it, over time. It’s like a reverse of that.

I will say that since I’ve started prioritizing all this stuff and experimenting with this, I can definitely say without a shadow of a doubt that I sleep, think, recover, train, work, concentrate and hold conversation better(really), I have more confidence and learn better, and I’ve dodged several rounds of illnesses that have laid out coworkers and family.

One thing I can’t do, is say that out of Huel, sleep, water, exercise, Mind Lab Pro, Green supplements and enzymes, “which one” has had the effect.


Thanks I will look into further supplementation I have tried pro bio tics before but not extensivly .

I have read lots of journals and papers on how gut Boone affects not only the body but mind so looking into it hardcore!!