Live bacteria and the need to take probiotics

Many “normal” foods (especially things like dairy) contain lots of live bacteria which become part of, or affect changes to, the ecosystem of bacteria in the gut. Having a healthy microbiome is a requirement of being healthy in general.

What effect does eating Huel have in this matter? What bacteria does Huel contain? Is it recommended (or necessary) to supplement with probiotics?

Hi @eldrin

Good question. Huel doesn’t contain any live bacteria priobiotics. However, the food ingredients do provide sources of fibre that act as prebiotics to help our natural gut bacteria thrive aiding a healthy microflora

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There’s fair evidence that for a healthier microbiome you need not just a balanced but also varied diet, with many different food sources. Additionally, diets high in protein may not be the best in this regard. Much more research is needed of course and these comments can’t be stated as facts, but worth considering when thinking about a long term Huel diet…