Curious about Huel and gut biome

Hej Everyone.

100% since Jan 1st this year a loving it.

Just curious about Huel and the gut biome? When you start reading round the subject one thing that seems to come up is that a varied diet is important for a healthy biome.

Any thoughts?


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I’d love to see some research on this too but I imagine it’ll be a long time coming - takes time and money and people. The science is only just hitting the mainstream and I imagine an in depth study of gut microbiota in Huel users isn’t top of the “To Study” list.

Given many of the threads on here though I suspect there would be many people willing to sign up and donate poo samples. For Science! :poop: :microscope:

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I’ve been diving into gut the book Fiber Fuelled by Will Bulsiewicz. The approach suggests that plant-diversity is important to provide pre-biotics to keep the micro-biome healthy.

Anyone from Huel HQ or other Hueligans have any info about the role of Huel in supporting gut health? I know that some probiotics are included in v3. But anyone know anything other than that? Thanks!