Keep me right!

Well, I am not seriously looking to lose or gain weight (although, maybe lose just a little). Orher than that, I am happy the way I am. However, I do want to reduce my cholesterol levels and eat healthy.

I am consuming Huel Powder (vanilla), plus 2xRTD, and the occasional Heul snack bar, on the recommended daily amount to achieve 1800 calories.

Will this help to reduce my cholesterol levels?

I am already satisfied that Huel is healthy.

Of course everyone will have different experiences with Huel as all of our bodies are so different and unique, but check out this thread where someone had a positive experience with regards to cholesterol!

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Can’t speak for cholesterol but what I can tell you is that my blood pressure dropped from (quite literally being told by a paramedic to go to a doctor that day) a very high number, both systolic and diastolic to now being comfortably in the “very healthy” range.

Heart rate is better too, bot st rest and during exercise.

As with all these things our bodies vastly vary but I’ve cut out so much meat and moved far more to a plant based diet, including huel, that based on my primitive knowledge I would struggle to imagine my cholesterol could not have dropped.

Like everything else relating to diet and nutrition, “your mileage may vary” so why not book yourself into a GP for a basic set of bloods and then book say six weeks later and make a comparison? I for one would be very interested to see the results.

Whatever you do, best endeavours to you.

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I guess it depends on what the elevated levels were caused by to begin with. If e.g. thyroid levels are too low, huel probably won’t help your cholesterol levels. If your nutrition caused it, chances are good.

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Beta glucan in oats seems to bind LDL, and reducing the amount of fat in your diet should have a positive effect too. Of course fat metabolism is more complex than that, but I think there are far worse dietary choices than living on Huel.

To add to some helpful comments here I’ll round them off by saying Huel may help to contribute to lowering cholesterol, but only if Huel is part of lifestyle changes that include a balanced diet, losing weight and/or increasing exercise.

I’m definitely no expert, but I do recall reading, many moons ago, that there is some evidence to suggest that oats actively lower cholesterol levels. And, since Huel contains a significant portion of oats, that would suggest that Huel should help to drop cholesterol.

(I found out from my recent blood tests, by the way, that there is now good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Who knew?)