New to Huel, reduce weight and cholesterol

Hi all I’m interested in starting Huel but don’t know what would be best for me
I am quite a bit overweight, and have just been told my cholesterol is dangerously high. I am starting back tomthe gym, and want to find ways to reduce cholesterol as quickly and controlled as possible.
Are the meals/powders good for reducing cholesterol, or is it a case of of I’m eating them I’m not eating junk food, which will help?

Thanks in advance

Hello Brian - all of the Huel products are plant based so are excellent in helping to manage cholesterol. There is a large guides section that has a lot of information that may help you on the weight loss journey.

Thank you Phil for the reply

I hadn’t seen that so will give it a good read through, appreciate that

I have just ordered a first batch to try and see how I like it and so on. Have heard good reports


Hey Brian, it’s good to see you on the forum.

Huel may help to contribute to lowering cholesterol, if it’s part of lifestyle changes that include a balanced diet, losing weight and increasing exercise. So it sounds like you’re on the right track!