Cholesterol content in Huel Black?

So I’ve been eating 2 eggs/day to cover my male cholesterol needs (350g) on top of my dietary intake on a regular diet.

Now I will switch to a HUEL BLACK-only diet (5days/way) during 4-5 months in order to cut weight.

Does Huel contain any cholesterol at all? If not: what would you recommend to supplement with? I guess sticking to EGGS would be a nice option? (fat/protein)


Hey, welcome to the forum! There isn’t added cholesterol within Huel, the body is capable of producing adequate amounts of cholesterol on its own, so additional supplementation is typically unnecessary.

To provide further insight, we have in-depth information on the fats within Huel if you’d like to take a read here- Good Fats, Bad Fats, Their Sources and Functions Explained – Huel :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you consumed Huel before? I understand the weight loss goal, other than this is there a particular reason you are aiming to go 100%?

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not for chickens


Some phytonutrients like oats seem to lower cholesterol levels in some individuals; so if you had standard Edition before you might notice a difference, because black doesn’t contain any oats or other cereals. Cholesterol is mainly a problem with non-vegan products; but it still isn’t clear how consumption is linked to elevated levels of cholesterol. Other nutrients seem to play a role here, too. I think it is just important to have a balanced, good or “complete” diet overall, then you don’t have to worry about individual components too much.