Mac and Cheeze cholesterol question

Hello! So I’ve been told my cholesterol is very high. I have Huel Coffee every breakfast and lunch but outside of that, my diet is admittedly far too bad for me :grimacing:… a fussy eater with a sweet tooth, basically.

Would the Max and Cheeze help to lower my levels? If not, any other hot and savoury one in particular? I’m a terrible cook and want to save time, plus the drinks really have changed my life, so would like to stick with Huel where possible!

Hi Rob - Huel products are plant based so cholesterol remaining in plant foods is in very minor amounts or absent altogether. Ingredients such as flax seeds can also help to block your body from absorbing cholesterol.

Welcome back Rob. It will depend on why your cholesterol is high and what’s causing it. Without much more information I can’t advise.

If it’s dietary related you may need to reduce your calorie, total fat and/or saturated fat intake while increasing your fibre intake. Working out roughly what your baseline intake levels are for these nutrients will help you determine whether a Huel product can be useful to you.

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